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Thread: Nuva Ring Decreased Libido

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    Post Nuva Ring Decreased Libido

    Hi Ladies. I'm new to this site and joined for a main reason- Either my sex drive is significantly lower or my new husband (of about 2 1/2 months) is pressuring me too much for sex. I'm about to lose it! This is causing a lot of drama and stress on my new marriage which is killing me because its only been 2 1/2 months! Aren't we still supposed to be in our honeymoon stages?

    My husband is very sensitive so its hard for me to talk to him about it. Believe me i've tried. He feels as if i'm saying that something is wrong with him and that he's wrong for coming onto me. Which isnt the case at all. I just wish he wouldnt do it so much. Lately all the groping and touching and kissing has nearly made me sick! It just seems to me that he wants to do it so often and so much!

    Another thing that I'm starting to wonder is if maybe my birth control has me feeling like this. I started the ring about 2 months ago (this is my second cycle on it) and this month is when my libido started dropping significantly. I don't remember reading any side effects about a decreased sex drive and I dont remember my doctor saying a thing about it.

    I'm really going crazy over here! I'm actually really hurt by all this especially considering that I am in a new marriage. I've even gone as far as to consider marriage counseling but to me its too soon! I wont believe that my marriage is ALREADY in trouble! Please help!


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    Oh my goodness! You are not alone. I have had horrible problems with this. My husband and I have only been married 7 months and around the second month of nuvaring, I started having decreased libido. I'm positive that it's the nuvaring because I don't take any other kind of medicine of vitamins.

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    I have been on NuvaRing a couple months now and have noticed a bit of a change as well; sometimes I don't want it at all and my boyfriend does, other times I'm ready for sex 10 million times a day (haha).

    Try not to stress out about it, as stress will only lower your sex drive more. Reassure your husband that its not him; you just need some time to adjust to the changes that come with the ring.

    Perhaps fantasizing or masturbating more will give your sex drive the extra kick it needs.
    .:. if nothing changed, we wouldn't have butterflies.:.

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    Default Sex Drive

    I know how all of you are feeling. I tried the shot first. I had my first shot on November 21, 2008 and was told within 2 days I would stop my period and February 26, 2009 I finally stopped my period. In March I started the Nuva Ring and my husband and I have done it maybe 5 times. I told him it was not him that I don't know why I didn't have a sex drive. He was looking up to figure out why I didn't have a drive and he came across this sight. As soon as he read the responses to the Nuva Ring he pulled it out and I will not be doing the Nuva Ring anymore. I will either have my tubes tied or condoms. The Nuva Ring also made me feel nauseated all the time on top of being tired. Maybe now that I am getting off of the Nuva Ring my life will go back to the way it was before the shot and Nuva Ring.

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    I have noticed the same effects. Search for something. Save your marriage

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    Agreed with the nuvaring = lower sex drive. I had it for a year and a half.

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