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Thread: Pill Vs. IUDs

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    Default Pill Vs. IUDs

    Hi- I am 21 and looking for some advice on other methods of birth control to help me with my problems. I hope someone can offer me a solution to my dilemmas.. or someone can relate to me.

    I have been on the pill since I was 17. I started on Yasmin and changed to Levlin when I was 19. Ive started to realize that the pill is most likely to blame for the changes that have occurred:

    MENTALLY- I have opened my eyes and realized that Im really not the same happy person I used to be before I started the pill. Im really moody and really hate the way I act because its almost beyond my control. ITS NOT ME. I get so frustrated and angry and often become anxious. At one point I was on anti depressants which Im sure had nothing to do with me being depressed- I was depressed because I was feeding my body these hormones.. and it really messed me up. Im no longer on anti depressants as they really did nothing but waste my time.

    PHYSICALLY- I did not have any side affects at all at first. I never had any problems with pain before I started the pill. When I started I also started getting pain- but nothing unbearable UNTIL last year(about 9-10 months ago about 6 months after I changed pills). I would only get this pain whilst I was bleeding and couldnt do anything except lay curled in a ball. It is affecting my work because I have to take days off every month to get through it. This can not be normal pain. My doctor tells me my pill is going take the edge off the pain. **rolls eyes**

    So Im considering changing to another form of birth control. Im looking at Copper IUDs since they are hormone free.. but would like to know why its not recommended for women who havent had children.

    Also my mother told me she never took the pill as they didnt agree with her and she had no problems with IUDs. Could I be the same?

    Please Reply.

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    IUD's are not recommended for women who have never had children for a few reasons.

    1- A woman who has had children has a cervix that is fairly stretched out, making it easier for the doctor to place it correctly, therefore preventing pregnancy correctly.

    2- Also, if you have never been pregnant or had children then there is no way to evaluate your risk for ectopic pregnancy which can be a risk factor with IUD's.

    These are just the two that I remember off the top of my head. You might consider Nuvaring or you could even talk to your doctor about whether or not he or she is willing to put in an IUD. Maybe he will be and maybe he won't.

    You could easily have the same problems as your mother with the pill. I don't do well with tetratricyclene and neither did my mom. Bottom line though, your doctor could give you the best advice and he would be able to tell you what he can and can't (or won't) do for you. I would talk to a doctor to help you make the decision.

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