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Thread: Mirena and Anxiety?

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    Default Mirena and Anxiety?

    I've had anxiety/panic attacks for a while now, I take xanax only when I'm having an attack... I've never wanted to go on actual medication for it.
    A couple years ago I began smoking marijuana because it kept me calm and relaxed me and stopped the panic attacks from coming. Since I've been in college the past year and half it became a daily thing.
    I had mirena inserted in September last year and I havent had any issues really, i love it.
    My problem is the last time I was able to actually enjoy smoking was thanksgiving. Everytime after that one hit would cause me to have a mild to extremely severe panic attack. The last one I had was about 2 months ago (I havent smoked since) and it lasted 4 hours, couldnt breathe, and was shaking uncontrollably all over, it was the worst attack I've ever had.
    For some reason I feel it may be connected to the mirena. It may be a coincidence but I'm not sure if the attacks would have started as soon as the mirana was in place, or if it would take a couple months to begin effecting me in that way.
    Aside from smoking, I tend to be a little more panicky now on a day to day basis. I have a hard time just going to walmart with out feeling like I can't breathe.
    Of course I would choose the birth control over the ability to smoke pot, but I am wondering if there's a connection, so if anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. I'm also considering going on a daily medication since the anxiety has gotten so uncontrollable... again, after mirena was placed.

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    I looked back on my bills, it looks like I got the IUD placed November 13th... and 3 weeks later the panic attacks when smoking started, as well as increased daily anxiety.

    it's gotten to a point where i'm constantly worried about having another attack... I am really starting to wonder if the IUD is causing this.... I really love not having to worry about BC... but I would really love to have my sanity back, I'm only 22, i shouldnt be worrying like this!

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    Thread closed.

    Savjo22, I moved your post to a new one.
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