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Thread: Can I stop my period?

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    Default Can I stop my period?

    I am on Trinessa and have been for years. I've always taken my pills exactly as I should, but I'm wondering if I could get my period to stop this month. I just started today, so I was thinking maybe I could start my new pack of pills today and maybe it would stop? Does anyone know?

    I've read that in order to skip your period you should start a new pack instead of taking the placebo pills of your old pack. But it's too late for that now...I took my last active pills on Tuesday.

    Any advice is much appreciated! There's an outdoor boat/water type of event coming up this weekend and I'd really like to avoid my period if at all possible.

    Thank you!

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    Yes, if you continue taking your pill and skip the palebo pills you generally avoid a period, may spot.

    But, even if you try now, it may give the same effect in a couple of days but you also may cramp, be moody, have stomach aches, I tend to think it's not worth the added pain, and then your body isn't sure either when to start again and so you could find 4 weeks of having menstral pain without a period, then normal period...

    You can go into water with the right tampon and change straight after, each time as well...


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    I used to be on birth control pills, and I did the two pack deal to avoid my period in order to spend a week with my boyfriend; I wouldn't recommend doing it, as it screwed up my next month's period royally. It was late by a couple days, and needless to say I was in a panicked state of mind. Maybe that was just how MY body reacted, maybe not. However, my personal experience, I would say don't do it.
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