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Thread: UTI with IUD?

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    Default UTI with IUD?

    So this is my last effort for 99% birth control before having to return to the mini pill.

    I had the copper t inserted about 6 weeks ago. The insertion was not too painful, just felt like a fast sharp shock.

    I was pretty happy it didnt hurt as bad as I thought it would hurt but then after the adrenaline died down...ouch...I couldnt really button up my pants for a few days.

    And its been going down hill since then.

    After the insertion I bled a little but stopped after a few days. Happy about this and since i had no pain I was happy to resume sexual play (no actual intercourse cuz i wanted to wait a little longer). Well, right after I got a crampy feeling and I got nervous, but then there was no blood so I was ok...til the next morning when I saw I had bled and was on full on period like bleeding.

    Well the bleeding lasted for 4 days and I thought it might be just my body adjusting... After i thought i was done with the bleeding I had sex again, and to my horror and my poor boyfriend's I started bleeding like crazy right in the middle of it. (needless to say, i am the proud girlfriend of a traumatized boyfriend) The crazy thing? I dont have ANY pain with the bleedings.

    Anyway, after that horrific even I also began feeling like a UTI was gonna happen. I went to the doctor to see what was going on, they examined me and nothing seemed to be wrong but i might have an infection in the bladder. UTI AND Yeast infection awesome.

    So Im in meds for the next or so....the UTI clears out but the yeast infection persist. SO i buy another yeast infection treatment which clears it. By this point is like 4 weeks and have yet to really enjoy the benefits of the IUD with my bf, who was about to leave town for 10 months.

    So i finally convince my bf that everything is fine now and we can have sex freely. He reluctantly tries again and everything seems fine...until the next morning i wake up really sore and bleeding.


    Thankfully he didnt get to see that!!

    Here i go dealing with bleeding again which thankfully didnt last more than 3 days....I thought...ok well maybe is finaly settling down!

    Well, a few days later, we have sex bleeding (yey!!!). But i am feeling like another UTI is about to start....not to mention the yuky smell im getting

    I am soo SOOO fed up about this...

    My bf left today so sex isnt gonna happen for a my thoughts are...should i just leave everything down there alone for a while and see if things settle down? or should i just take it off and go back to the hormones and not very safe pills??? Has anyone experienced UTI with their IUD???

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    I had an IUD for over 5 years. The insertion was extremely painful but dueable. I had absolutely no problems with my IUD for the first 2 years. The only reason I stuck with the IUD was because I loved not having a period. But I was suffering at least twice a month with UTI's. For some reason, and I don't know why but the doctors defend this product. I was in and out of doctors offices on and off antiboitics for years until I just couldn't take it any more. I had the IUD removed and since I have had NO UTI's. And yet, the doctors still will not admit that the IUD was giving me UTI's. Go figure. Please don't let your doctor tell you about YOUR BODY. I feel so much better now that I have removed this device from my body. AND YES the IUD cause UTI's along with a lot of other issues as you all can read. Don't let NO one tell you that this device was inserted improperly, doesn't cause issues to your body, because only you know your body. The doctors and the pharmacists make money off of our sicknesses/illnesses. I would not recommend this device to my worst enemy. Almost nothing feels better than being able to pee without pain!!! The IUD may not cause issue for all women, but those of us who are complaining your complaints are valid but are not being heard in doctor's offices for some foresaking reason!! I believe YOU!!! So do something about it and take the thing OUT won't regret it!!


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