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Thread: Long Term BC Side Effects?

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    Default Long Term BC Side Effects?


    I started taking Tri Sprintc in April, and my breasts have been sore ever since.
    My periods have been normal and on time, so i'm almost certain i'm not pregnant (Although I guess it could be possible?). The soreness almost goes away completely during my period, and then comes back as soon as it ends! I just figured side effects would lessen considering its been almost 5 months since i've been on the pill. Has anyone else experienced this or any other long term side effects from the pill?

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    You might want to try a different pill. I took a few didn't work so well for me and caused side effects. Then there are a few that have nothing but benefits for me. Everyone is different. What works best for each person is hard to tell but there are some people that can only take certain birth control pills. I actually had more trouble on low dose pills than on higher dose pills with multiple hormones.

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