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Thread: Birth Control & Diet Pills?

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    Default Birth Control & Diet Pills?

    Can taking diet pills (QuickTrim) effect my birth control (the patch)??
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    If you look at the information sheet that comes with your birth control it should tell you certain subtances you cant mix it with. Match what is written there to these diet pills you are refering to. Or contact your doctor to make sure
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    The papers with birth control pills don't list anywhere near all the things that could interfere and many doctors don't even know what all could cause problems. Quick Trim also has lots of ingredients which vary by formula/diet plan. I did find one group of people saying it could interfere but they did not specify which ingredient or any qualifications to make that statement. I'd take the ingredients list of the plan you want to use to a pharmacist or gynecologist specifically and ask them if there is anything on there that might interfere.

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