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Thread: Misoprostol and IUD Insertion

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    Default Misoprostol and IUD Insertion

    Hi I decided to write this after my experience with the paragard insertion, and taking Misoprostol. Apparently Misoprostol is used to soften the cervix, and it is also a drug used to induce labor or an abortion. I had never heard of a doctor using this pill or anything like it before the insertion, so I wanted to share my experience with others so they can know what to expect. My IUD insertion took two doctor visits. The first visit I came in, and they told me to take these two pills (place them under the tongue until they dissolve). They didn't tell me what the medication was, only that it would help open the cervix, since I never had children. They told me that it would give me horrible cramps, and they would try the insertion in about an hour. I never experienced cramps taking Misoprostol (which according to the doctor is mystifying) however the first time it was given I got severe chills and shakes. The doctor didn't inform me that it could do this, and I think that freaked me out even more causing me to shake more. But I just wanted to let everyone know that shaking and chills can be a side effect. Needless to say on the first visit they couldn't get my cervix to dialate so I had to come back. They gave me misoprostol to take 2 hours before my next appointment. I had no side effects that time, however I also had my boyfriend with me to keep me calm. Apparently it was still difficult to get my cervix to dialate event after taking misoprostol 2 hours before hand. I will say this the doctor said that she has only had a few cases like mine where it is very difficult for the cervix to open. That being said, I am very happy to have the paragard. I had it inserted about a week ago, and I don't have any cramping. The first day I had some, but I felt better moving around, working, and walking rather than just sitter around. So for everyone that doesn't expect to take pills for their IUD insertion I just wanted to warn them of the possibility that their doctors could recommend it.

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    Default Insertion with Misoprostol--ouch!

    I had an IUD inserted two years ago sans Misoprostol, and another inserted last week with Misoprostol, and I have to say, the second insertion was far, far worse, mostly because of the Misoprostol. It really bothers me when doctors recommend something to make their lives easier that's not necessarily the best thing for the patient, and it seems to happen particularly often to those of us with uteruses.

    Here's my story about why:

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    Smile 2nd IUD w/Misoprostol - My Experience

    I found this site and others helpful before I got my second IUD so I wanted to share my experience.

    I had a Paragard IUD about two years ago. The insertion was very painful, about a 9 out of 10 on a pain scale. This was most likely because I haven't ever had children or been pregnant. The IUD started to expell itself a couple of months after it was inserted. I actually felt the bottom of the IUD at the end of my cervix. It had to be removed and my doctor at the time said if one failed, probably I wouldn't have success with others until after I had had a child. So I didn't try again.

    I have a new doctor and she thought I should give IUD's another try due to my preference for a highly effective, non hormonal birth control. She said that my past expulsion didn't necessarily doom me to IUD failure so to speak. Although I would have a better chance of it staying in if I had had a child.

    I remembered my pain with my 1st IUD and wanted to try and mitigate pain again as much as was possible. I read up and found that local anesthetic shots were sometimes used to numb the cervix and uterus. I inquired with my doctor and she said she hadn't ever used one herself and though they weren't very helpful. But she did say I could insert two misoprostol pills the night before the insertion to "soften" the cervix. The misoprostols themselves did cause very mild cramping, much like mild menstral cramps prior to the insertion. Having now had one IUD insertion without misoprostol and one with, I would say that the misoprostol didn't help the pain level all that much. It may have made it easier to insert for my doctor... but I didn't reap any benefits in the pain department. I took 3, 200mg advil/ib prof. before hand, I didn't think that helped all that much either but I can't exactly remember the pain of the 1st insertion. I'd take the the IB prof for good measure. It can't hurt more.
    I'm crossing my fingers that my IUD stays in this time. I loved it, other than that it came out last time. I'll be checking my strings carefully for at least the first year (if it stays in that long) as you have the highest chance of expulsion for the first few months, up to one year after insertion. I hope this is helpful to someone And good luck future IUD'ers!

    Oh, I'll add that I've had the IUD for two full days now, and I'm still experiencing mild cramping. My nurse said I should wait it out, but to call if I develop a fever, severe bleeding, or cramps that are a 10 out of 10 in pain.
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