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Thread: Weight gain on implanon getting me down. Help? :(:(

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    Unhappy Weight gain on implanon getting me down. Help? :(:(


    I just have a question about the implanon. I have had the implant for about six years now and am concerned about the weight I have gained. I know that it is common to put on weight with this form of contraceptive however, I have gone from a size twelve to a size eighteen and am beginning to get quite disheartened. My eating habits have not changed over this period of time and I do not drink or eat alot of sweets. I have even gained weight when I have tried healthy eating schemes. My mother also has the implanon and has had it for about four years and has also gained a considerable amount of weight.

    Is there anything that I can do to lose the excess weight without having to take the implant out. Other than the horrible weight gain this form of contraception is perfect for me and would hate to have to change from this when it suits my life style so well.

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    If the only thing that could reasonably be looked at as causing the weight gain is the implanon, then I can't imagine there being anything to actually stop the weight gain except going off it. Certain pills made me gain or lose weight, and the only way to fully stop it was to switch. I'm sure you can increase your exercise and lose some, but sounds like you definitely need to talk with your doctor about this. You don't want to find yourself at an unhealthy weight that's bad for your heart, your arteries, your bones, could lead to diabetes, high blood pressure etc. If I were you, I'd rather switch birth controls.

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