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Thread: The pill and break through bleeding... many questions.

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    Exclamation The pill and break through bleeding... many questions.

    I'm 28 years old and have been on the (same) pill for 8 or so years. I'm on Ortho-Novum. I've never had break-through bleeding unless I skipped a pill accidentally. Me and my boyfriend broke up several months ago and I quit taking the pill 4 months ago because I'm only on it to prevent pregnancy, not for any other medical reason. Basically I felt there's no reason to keep on taking something that I don't need. Well, we got back together at the end of March while I was on my period (March 25 - 30). We did have unprotected sex while I was on my period and he didn't pull out. When my period ended I started back on the pill. We've had sex several times after my period ended. He never pulls out. Last time was 2 days ago. Now I'm having, what I hope to be, break-through bleeding. It started today, April 7th. I have NOT missed a pill. I'm used to taking it.. It's almost habitual. I've never been pregnant before but I have heard of implantation bleeding and I'm hoping that is not what it is.

    Is there anyway to tell the difference between the two? Is it really that common to have break-through bleeding even after being off the pill for only 4 months and starting back up? I mean... I've been on the pill for 8 or so years. My body should be well adjusted to being on it rather than not being on it. Also.. Is the pill that effective within the first month just as it would be 6 months down the line?

    Sorry for so many questions.. it's just that this is the first time happening to me and I'm a bit nervous. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening.


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    Hi Liz! Welcome to the forums.

    So let me get this straight, you took Pills for 8 years, then stopped when you broke up 4 months ago, then got back together and have been only taking pills again for a week/month or so?

    In that case, there might be a chance you could be pregnant. Every time you go off your pill the chances of pregnancy go up. There might not be enough hormone for your body to protect against it. (Even if you were on it 4 months ago, your body could have started ovulating again when you weren't taking them.)

    Some people say if you start the pill after your period then you are protected (Depends on the pill) but I usually say wait at least a month with a backup method for your body to become fully protected. I am always better safe than sorry though. You can still get pregnant while on your period but it's rare, but still a chance.

    It could be breakthrough bleeding, or could be implantation bleeding as well. (Is it heavy or normal or just spotting?) In any case, to ease your mind you should take a HPT at 2-3 weeks past your last sexual act, at about the time you would be getting your period if you did indeed ovulate. That would be the soonest time for the HPT to accurately detect the pregnancy hormone. (Unless you get a super sensitive test) Just to be on the safe side

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Yes, I was on the pill for 8 years and have been off it for the past four months and now just got back on it after my last period. (That would be 9 days ago? Wow, it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet.)

    Right now the bleeding is light but it's a nasty looking dark brown gooey color. Very descriptive.. sorry!

    I looked into implantation bleeding and it said it usually (emphasis on USUALLY) occurs after ovulation when conception happens. If that's the case... I would be ovulating right about now. So if it were implantation bleeding it wouldn't happen for several more days. I'll keep thinking that! haha. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for plain break-through bleeding!

    Thanks again for the reply. I appreciate it.

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