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    Default Adiana Failure

    I had the Adiana procedure done in June and went in for my follow up x Ray today (which was unexpectedly VERY painful) only to find out that one of my tubes is blocked and one is not. So, now what? Does anyone know if a tubal can be performed on one fallopian tube? I can't find any information on Adiana failure anywhere, and my doc says it's back on the pill for me. BUT at the same time I had the Adiana done, I also had the Nova Sure done which has been successful so what are the chances I'd get pregnant with one blocked tube and no uterine lining? I'm so confused and pretty upset to boot - both procedures cost $8000 - if it only half worked, do we get half our money back? LOL

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    They can do a tubal ligation on the one tube. The Adiana is so new they've only been doing them a few months in the states. I read the clinical trials & the FDA notes on Adiana. Adiana does not seem to have the risks of perforations, metal coil migration & allergic reactions. I don't like that the FDA made Adiana postpone launching the product. The FDA made the company delay product marketing for a year because they had too many pregnancys in the clinical trials.

    Your chances of getting pregnant are greatly reduced by the Novasure but it could happen. I don't know how old you are but I had a bad experience with essure metal coils & after some research, I discovered that at my age there was only about a 1% chance of my becoming pregnant due to my age. Seems dr needed some money or needed to fill his quota for all the free incentives they get if they will perform so many procedures.

    Hope you get things worked out

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    I'm so sorry that one of your fallopian tubes remains open, but it does happen with both Adiana and Essure.

    You need to use some form of contraception if you don't want to get pregnant. Yes, you can have a tubal ligation with the Adiana matrices in place. It's very easy to do.

    You should discuss this with your doctor as soon as possible. From your post, it would appear that you do not have insurance or these procedures are not covered. In light of the failed procedure, perhaps your doctor will give you a reduced rate or not charge you for your tubal ligation (you would still have to pay for the facility). Don't be bashful, you should ask.

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    Angry unlucky with adiana

    Hello, i had the adiana procedure done in june, and i was bragging and i was excited! My plan was to do the novasure right after the hsg thing, im 26 with no kids so people were calling me crazy, but i dont like kids. so i had the procedure and the hsg thing done and i was happy i was even on birth control pills to help with my periods, so a week after the blockage of my tubes was confirmed i ran out of bc for a week and within that week i got prego!!!! i didnt even know what was wrong with me i became very ill for 2 months it was horrible. then the dr told me there is a 2% chance of becoming prego on adiana, i was very sad and angry. all my bragging gone now theres just embarrasment. Now i dont know what to do, im christian so i shouldnt do abortion but i want to, or adotion is a option but then i have to be embarrased for so long while being prego! just dont trust all procedures be very careful.

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    join the club lovey.....I had the Adiana procedure done in August 2010, followed by the horrendous scan to see if it worked....and it didn't. neither of my tubes were blocked. My only options were to have the sterilisation done the old fashioned way, go back on the pill or send my husband in for the snip...bless his cotton socks he went in! But, 12 months on, I am having terrible issues. I had the Nova Sure done at the same time and i now get pockets of blood forming on my uterus wall that burst and give me masses of pain every month. I also have constant cramping and pain in on my right side when my ovaries release. Hence I now have to have my right fallopian tube removed. The pain is unbearable, and this is my only option remaining. This procedure should be medically banned from australia. Every woman should be 100% sure they want to go down this road....its just not worth the problems that follow.

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    Old thread.

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