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Thread: Bleeding for 2 weeks after period ended? plan b?

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    Default Bleeding for 2 weeks after period ended? plan b?

    I am 40 years old and have had normal periods- sometimes irregular. I have never been on any birth control. I have noticed that in the last 2 years my periods seem heavier on day 1 and 2.

    About 6 weeks ago, I took plan b about 30 hours after sex. I am almost positive I was ovulating the day I had sex or just had. I know plan b can stop ovulation but what if you take it during ovulation? Anyhow 12 days after sex I took a preg test and it was negative. I had bad bloating, tingly breasts, etc. I got my period 14 days after sex and it was normal. a week after my period ended I started bleeding here and there. One minute there is nothing and then a few hours later it is like a day 3 or 4 of a period. So I have been bleeding for 2 weeks. the other day I had large clots but then yesterday I didn't bleed at all. And now today there is blood again. I have not had sex since then.

    Is this plan b doing this?

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    That'd be my first guess. I didn't have side effects from plan B the one time I took it, but I think it's quite common for it to affect some women's menstrual cycle for the first month or so. It is, after all, a sudden large dose of hormones.

    If you take it during ovulation it's still effective as it does things like make your vagina inhospitable to sperm... You should be fine. I wouldn't worry about it and then maybe take another pregnancy test in a couple of weeks to be absolutely sure.

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