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Thread: Late Period...should I continue taking my pill?

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    Default Late Period...should I continue taking my pill?

    I've been on the pill for over 15 years and have never missed a period. They have been later in the inactive pills the older I've gotten and now normally last 4 days or so. I'm into the 7th inactive pill and have not yet started. I'm fairly certain I'm not pregnant, but will probably take a test to be sure. Should I take the active pill tomorrow as scheduled, or allow my body to try and cycle?

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    Oh definitely continue taking the pill UNLESS you're thinking of permanently going off of it. Thing is that once you go off the pill, your body will probably take several months to regulate itself. Going off the pill for just a short while and then going back on won't do you any favors.

    Have you taken any pills late this month? Or have there been any other changes, like stress or diet? You're most likely not pregnant, there are just so many factors that can contribute to a sudden menstrual irregularity.

    Your period will probably show up during some "active" pills in your next pack.

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    I did have two weeks this month of what would be abnormal stress for me. I was thinking that may be the contributor, but wanted another opinion from other women who may have had similar problems. I understand, too, that missing a period on the pill is not uncommon; it's just not happened to me before. :-)

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