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Thread: Birth control - period- white pills

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    Default Birth control - period- white pills

    Hello everyone!

    I just got on birth control (tri-sprintec) this month! Other than some minor spotting and breakouts I have not had a lot of complications and everything seems in order.

    I just had one question - I am on my last three blue pills... and I feel like my period is going to come like RIGHT NOW! I am cramping and my breast are tender.

    What if my period comes when I am just starting the white pills? should I just skip whatever white pills I have if it comes and start a new pack?


    P.s. I started the pack on the first day of my period and I have taken all of my pills, all on time.

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    - I know that ideally you're supposed to get your period at the end of the white pills, but this is just a hypothetical considering how crampy I am feeling.

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    I am on Tri-Cyclen lo. I am not sure how comparable that is to yours. But I usually get my period during the placebo pills. I never skip any though, regardless of when my period comes. I don't think you need to skip any either. Just take them normally. If you want to be sure, I would call your doctor. They are use to answering questions like that!
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    You shouldn't skip any. The placebos are there to help keep you in the routine of always taking a pill at the exact same time every day, they are also there to give you your period so that you have a regular schedule. Your period can begin at any point during those placebos, there is no way to predict except for saying sometime in those placebo pills. Once you finish the placebos and start on the new pack of active pills your period should end because that is what they are designed to do.
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