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Thread: brown discharge 2 weeks before period?

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    Default brown discharge 2 weeks before period?

    So, I started birth control (Levora) in November. I skipped periods on it, but since I was home in December/January I didn't skip, and went to the sugar pills. I had my period during the 1st week of January. Levora was great, didn't have any unusual bleeding or anything, but it made me break out so my doctor switched me to Trisprintec. I started the new BC the week of February 7th (a week after I was supposed to have my "February" period). The next week, Feb 14th, I started having brown discharge with pinkish/reddish blood. It was just brown with a tiny bit of blood, and it was only enough to ever filll up about 1/3 of a pantyliner. However, sometimes, there will be tiny "gushes" of blood, and I think I'm getting my period, so I'll put in a tampon. Take the tampon out, it's just more brown discharge. This has been going on for 2 weeks!! What does this mean?

    I'm scheduled to get my period the week of the 28th. I'm going to take the sugar pills and see if I actually get my period. Then should I switch back to Levora? I know that skipping periods on a monophasic pill (like Levora) is a lot easier than skipping on a triphasic pill (like trisprintec). I've already talked to my doctor, and she said this was normal since my body is adjusting to hormones, but I've also looked at other forums and this could be a sign of pregnancy? My boyfriend and I don't use condoms - just birth control.

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    Brown is old blood/uterine lining. It is just the remaining fluid that may not have been passed with all the other blood during a regular period so it appears at a later date. Your doctor is completely right in that it is totally normal.
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    Thanks - I'm just going to wait it out, see if I get my period next week. In the meantime, does anyone know if using Softcup even for the brown discharge I'm having will work?

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