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Thread: I can't find my IUD string's....

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    Question I can't find my IUD string's....

    I have had my IUD for almost 2 years now and all of a sudden my strings are gone. I am getting ready to miss my second period and had went to a free clinc to get a ultrasound done. The doctor there told me I was not having a baby but he could not see my IUD. I have always had a light period and do not know why all of a sudden it would stop. I know my IUD was inplace in feb because I had Xrays done due to a car wreck. I know I have not felt it come out or found it any where. Right now I am in a different state and this state wont take out of state medical card's, I would like to get it checked out asap but wont be back home for another month and a half. I was planing on getting it removed when I got back home so its not a huge deal if it fell out but I feel that is something I would have felt. Has anyone had theirs fall out without knowing?

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    I haven't had mine fall out but I cant feel mine i have had it for 2 weeks!? i booked a doctors app they did a test & saw the strings and said it was in place.... on the net everyone said you will be able to feel them for sure, so will your partner etc etc but when I went to have a check up she said not everyone can, its high up in your cervix and in the leaflet I got, it said your partner should not be able to feel them... i heard they also soften up over time and wrap around your cervix.... the best time to feel them is after your period. I still haven't got my period which is why i am doing so many preg tests!!

    People say they notice if it falls down you will be able to feel the strings for sure and maybe the plastic part... eugh plus more cramping and bleeding, hmm.

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    Hello, mine wasn't found on the ultrasound or a internal scan, I had an Xray done and it showed up on that. I have had mine for two and a half years and had no bleeding at all and then I started bleeding and have been continually for the past four months. My consultant isnt sure if it is still in the utereus, he says it looks like it is from the Xray. He reckons the strings aren't there either. I'm having an op soon for a D&C and for him to try and take the coil out if it is in the right place. I think mine is hidden under the lining of my utereus!! I just hope he can get it out.

    They can fall out without you realising as the consultant told me that but not in my case unfortunately. If mine has moved it's been like it for the last four months and I'm still okay so no need to panic.

    Just get an Xray done as soon as you can. I'm sure it will be fine.

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