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Thread: Late Period on Micronor. Pregnant?

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    Default Late Period on Micronor. Pregnant?

    I apologize if this is a typical worrying post.

    I'm on the mini pill Micronor, this is the third month I've been taking it and the first two months I got my period as expected. I take the pill the same time everyday give or take 5 minutes and I've never missed a pill.
    My boyfriend and I usually use condoms but not all the time. We didn't use a condom three weeks ago and then the day before my period was expected. According to the period tracker on my phone I'm three days late and I was fertile three weeks ago. I did take a Clear Blue HPT and it's negative.

    I made the mistake of looking up my "situation" which has caused me to become really anxious. Apparently some women don't get their period at all while on Micronor. I got my period the first two months so would it be odd to not get it during the third month? It seemed that quite a few women did get pregnant while on Micronor and that the HPT didn't show positive until they were 5+ weeks along. Also that birth control is less effective for women who are on the heavier side. I'm not huge and my doctor doesn't consider me overweight but I'm not the tiniest.

    I know worry doesn't help but it's really hard not to. Any insight / comments would be much appreciated.

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    I've only been taking Micronor for four months.. but on my third month I had exactly what you are going through. When I called my doctor freaking out she said not to worry in the slightest because the purpose of Micronor is to not have a period. Most likely your period will be about a week late because it's attempting to regulate your body. She said if I felt anxious to keep a few birth control tests and take one every few days, but that if the first one was negative that I was most likely not pregnant. And sure enough my period did come anyway. HUGE RELIEF!

    So relax, I can't be 100% sure, but you can always call your doctor and schedule an appointment. But, I did go through the same thing.

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