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"Know yogic secret of sex point of the body"

“ Know yogic secret of sex point of the body”

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by , 05-05-2012 at 09:49 AM (54509 Views)
Mostly men, women try to become much powerful, energetic, passionate, aggressive for their prime sexual moment , for improving the libidos , they used drugs ,herbs and lots of other things, all over the world, but they did not able to repeat the climax, even in a single evening, because they do not know yogic secret of sex points of the body and function of hormones.
As a men or women, whenever you are lacking in sex drive, are you noticed that your hormones helping you ? hormones have a great place in our life, particularly in the sex, today, loss of desire is one of the commonest sexual problems, there are many men ,women who feel, hormones must be responsible for going wrong in their sexual relationships .
It is become very easy to blame our hormones for loss of libido ,but wrong style of living, faulty foods, unaware function of body and relation with hormones, lack of natural harmony are liable for these problems . Both men and women wants a superior quality of life, especially in the bedroom, more loving to their partner and having great desire to make climax .
Yes! women can also make great love, they could not lag behind men , in yogic science’s view there are some very important, secret organ , points in the human body which is continuous generating the life energy, this energy enhance our vital force and liable for libido and other important function ,how to get this energy?
join to know yogic secret of sex point of the body, how simple yogic act, mudra, activate, invigorate in the sexual points of the body ,and correct regulate sex hormones, it is not only a subject of sex education, awareness, it is also a subject, related to better health. Get more details and Ebook at:
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