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Lara Croft

Vitamin C

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by , 12-11-2008 at 02:28 PM (22620 Views)
Well it's been 10 days since I used the Vitamin C vaginally and all is still clear. I have no symptoms...yet.

When my BV became chronic last November I would go about a week or two between the bad symptoms. During those milder times I still had a faint odor and of course my periods were always the worst times. Having periods and having sex would really bring the problem to the surface I guess you could say.

As I mentioned in one of my forum posts, I noticed my BV getting a bit milder in the past month, after I had a surprising month-long period (I'm getting checked for fibroids). Maybe this is why it took only one Vitamin C to "fix" the problem.

I have some theories about my situation that I'll post later on.

Good luck ladies!

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