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The Seed and the Tree

Guru Stotram

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by , 04-05-2011 at 03:58 PM (4704 Views)
As my heart weeps your departure,
my soul rejoices and vibrates from gratitude from the great gift you have given me.

Our meeting is a mystery to me.
Your teachings remained a mystery to me, for a long time.

You looked, received and never judged.
Never in your eyes I felt the sting of your understanding, scrutinizing.
Although I knew nothing could be hidden from you, I came to you as I was,
and you received me.

Not only received me, but loved like none could, and entrusted me with your teachings.
Relentlessly being with me, even when I was being distracted in the duality of the material world.
You know my challenges, please guide me.

Through your teachings and all the Masters,
You have shown us this truth which is undivided and infinite and which transcends
the whole universe, either in motion or motionless.
In the Eternal Instant of Now, we have the tools to achieve the goal of Human Life.

You said the Guru Shakti is in all, I know you are right,
but can't help feeling attached to your physical manifestation,
and sigh whenever I see a date and time.
Both reminding me your mahasamadhi.

Eternally united, we shall meet again Beloved Master.

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  1. CHANDLERS WISH's Avatar
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    And through your words, your voice was heard x
  2. KMonte85's Avatar
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    This is beautiful, M.
  3. WildChild's Avatar
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    Lovely sentiments. It is always difficult when someone we are close to is no longer with us in body. We are all part of the One and all that is in one is in all, if we only open up to the All That Is.
    Your inner voice and knowing will guide you.
    Give yourself time to feel and breathe and to grieve the loss. We are here to learn and grow within a physical experience. Find delight and pleasure where ever you can.


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