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The Seed and the Tree

Starring at the mirror or...

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by , 11-03-2011 at 07:55 AM (9620 Views)
In your eyes, where others see sadness,
I see the beauty of a soul, endless,
in its ability to shine, to love and to care,
where else would I want to be, if it's not in the safe haven of your eyes.

In your eyes, life is, and will always be,
when everything has failed, there is the will to stand,
the fire to walk, the love to care about, and not for and understand,
the passion to dance, the dance of life as it should be.

In your eyes, there is calmness that only deep seas can seem to provide,
when we overcome our own fears, of who we are, and choose to confide,
there is the sparks of millions of stars, shining but not burning,
there is the strength to protect, without hurting.

In your eyes, I see the immense of your soul that follows me every day of my life

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