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Thread: Vaginal laser ablation

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    Default Vaginal laser ablation

    I was recently diagnosed w/ an abnormal vaginal dysplasia, or like the docs like to say, "pre-cancerous". I have had 3 surgeries since last October. I had an abdominal partial hysterectomy because I hadendometriosis and fibroids, and experiencing CONSTANT pelvic pain. I had a vertical incision which starts at my belly button and ends a tad below my pubic hair line. The doc chose to re-open my c-section, which happened to be an emergency hence the vertical incision. I was still having lots of pain, and the doc told me to "suck it up", I then told her that I wanted a second opinion, so she decided to go in and do a second surgery. I forgot to mention, in the first surgery, she also implanted a net to keep my bladder in place as I was also incontinent. Anyways, in the second surgery my right ovary and my appendix was removed. Ok, still getting lots of pain, I went to a new doc, he wants to put me on hormones to "shut off" my left ovary, because that is all that is left in me,and he feels that the pain is coming from all the folllicualr cysts I develop during what used to be my menstrual cycle. WHEW! Lots to say! My question, has anyone ever had a vaginal laser ablation, and what should I expect? Sorry for the long backstory, I thought it would help if I gave more info. I am so worried, do not know what to expect.

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    Wow, if a doc told me to,"suck it up" I'd tell her where to get off. She certainly wouldn't have ever touched my body for another surgery. Why did they take your appendix?

    Go to the library, get the Dec 2008 issue of More magazine and read the article on women's health and how docs get comfortable doing certain procedures and don't always keep up with new possibilities.

    Dysplasia isn't uncommon and can be caused by a host of things including having sex within a few days of the test. Sounds like they've taken nearly everthing you've got, messed up the muscles holding your bladder and now want to do more. Start working on really educating yourself. Doctors are educated guessers, it's your body, you live in it, no one knows it better than you do really.

    I had a uterine ablation, not a big deal, probably not at all the same experience. But wait a couple months and get retested? All that poking and proding could have been enough to produce the dysplasia. Get a third opinion, even a fourth before you get any more surgery.
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    Hi Jen,

    It makes me very sad to hear what you're going through as well as others here. Sometimes I forget how fortunate I've been, heath-wise. Though I don't know anything about the procedure you're talking about I do hope you make sure to get another Dr.'s concurrence before they take anything else out of you. The dr. that told you to "suck it up" should have her license revoked. I guess she got her $$ and that was that. It's a horrible thing to say to someone who is suffering.

    I hope they can find an easier solution that cutting you again and wish you the best dear.
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    I hope you get better soon. I just wanted to say I am sorry for all the things you went thru. Sometimes I really wonder what did these doctors go to school for?

    Best of luck,
    Hope you feel better soon

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