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Thread: bleeding a few hours after sex, and 4 weeks after leep

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    Question bleeding a few hours after sex, and 4 weeks after leep

    its been 4 weeks since my leep procedure. i feel all healed and i have been getting back to my normal lifestlye.
    last night though, my fiance and i had sex for the first time in a month.
    we used condoms and to be honest it actually felt like the condom was rubbing up against something inside. and it kinda felt uncomfortable. so then we just took the condom off. now this morning i wake up with massive and painful cramps and lots of blood. its not like normal period blood. b/c i just had my period during my healing period from my surgery. now is this bleeding a warning sign that i should go back to my dr??

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    Hi sweet,

    Perhaps your body wasn't ready for intercourse yet.. I am sure your Doctor advised you how long to wait before hand.

    With regards to the bleeding, this is what I obtained from googling. I had 2nd degree cervical cancer, 6 years ago and I recall the biopsy, pain etc, vividly. Things sometimes do take longer pending on your body, to heal.

    Sorry, we missed this thread

    Complications are usually mild but can include:
    • mild pain or discomfort
    • bleeding

    You should call your physician if you experience bleeding that is heavier than a normal period, or if pain is severe. Other symptoms that should be reported to your physician include any heavy vaginal discharge or strong vaginal odor.
    After the LEEP you should not:
    • Have sexual intercourse for as long as recommended by your physician
    • Lift heavy objects
    • Use tampons
    • Douche
    • Take tub baths--take showers only to prevent infection

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