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Thread: I haven't had sex in two years

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    Question I haven't had sex in two years

    And thats only the start of it. I am 21 so as far as I'm aware its unusual for a person my age not to have had sex for that long. I broke up with my ex 3 years ago and he is the only person I have had sex with. I have an anxiety disorder so it makes me very hard to trust people especially guys as I now just always expect them to leave me. I am also not too comfortable in my body and when even though I was with my ex for 3 years I still questioned if he liked how I looked. Also when I was with him I found it very difficult to be 'in the moment' as I would be thinking about what he was thinking. Sex was more of a worry for me than a good thing.
    So now I have met this guy, who is incredibly good looking and for some reason is interested in me, and I think it will come to the point soon when normally we would have sex.
    List of reasons why I am nervous
    1. I haven't had sex in two years so might have forgotten everything
    2. Didn't have that much experience in the first place
    3. This guy is way out of my league
    4. He plays rugby so if quite athletic and I'm not the least bit fit, what if he wants to do positions that I can't do
    5. Also what if he is disgusted by my body as it is not like the sporty girls he has had sex with before
    6. I don't know if to tell him I have an anxiety disorder, I don't want it to rule my life, but maybe it would be better if he knew
    7. If he did know would he change his mind on me

    As you can see I am worrying quite a bit about this and don't feel like I can talk to anyone I know as its a hard thing to admit that its been this long and really I have no idea what I'm doing in the bedroom.

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    Going for 2 years without sex isn't that unusual. I made the same by choice when I hit 25. I understand it's natural to let your mind worry, but he's interested in you and that's the whole point. When a person is interested in you, they just like being with you. Relax-it's not a sex competition.

    Do you know for sure that his previous partners were sporty women?

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