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Thread: My Knees....and my ankle (working out is killing me ;))

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    Default My Knees....and my ankle (working out is killing me ;))

    So, my knees and ankle have been hurting a bit... I know it's from workouts, but not sure what to do about it... For an example of what I'm doing, the last 7 days I have done:

    ** 4 Zumba workouts
    ** Walked 5 miles
    ** Did 40 minutes on the elliptical 2 times
    ** Did weight machines for legs and upper body.

    Now, The Zumba can be low impact but I really like to get into it, and jump around, etc. I have started taking some Glucosamine (sorry if that's spelled wrong) but is there anything I can do to keep from hurting myself besides **not** jumping around so much??

    This week I plan to go to Zumba 3 times and workout two times at the gym on the elliptical and with weights and walk two nights, so I don't need to be immobile... The pain isn't severe, but my ankle swells some from an old injury and sometimes my knees hurt when getting up or walking up stairs??
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    Do you work out every single day or take breaks?

    Swimming/ water aerobics are highly recommended for everyone, especially those suffering from various aches and pains.

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    Default my knees too

    i do kung fu and have the same problem. my knees hurt after i work out, and i dont want to stop training. one day i payed attention to what my knees were doing while i was working out. hard to explain, but it was like my knees took all the weight of my body, everything seemed focused there. i started using my back muscles for more lift and my feet to support my weight. also i found this stuff called jow pain liniment, natural stuff you rub on that takes pain away, this stuff was incredible. find it here **Removed outbound link**. hope this helps.
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    I've found that my joints actually hurt more when taking Glucosimine, don't know why that is. But fish oil helps.
    Some people say the ellipitical hurts their knees, maybe try the bike and treadmill instead.
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    I have seen Zumba and it looks like great fun!

    I loved exercising to a harder level playing many team sports for years, though at my ripe old age (25) I am finding that already my joints are in pain in my knees and ankles after long walks and running.

    So... I looked around for new ways to keep fit. As Mes_T said water sports are great and low low low impact, this however can not be everyone's cup of tea. I love the water. What I did find is Yoga... Not the slow style but developed styles like Power Yoga and Bikram yoga done in a room at 38c it is conducted at a faster pace.

    Have a look around and see what you can find.. I know Zumba is fun but maybe there is a style of dancing that has less impact on your joints.


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    It is very hard do repair Knee and back problems..You can solve this through Yoga..I am not sure you will repair it completely but you will get less pain through it.

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    Yeah, very much agree w/ water-based exercises and substituting yoga for Zumba.
    Sometimes pain is just a destraction and something to be borne and pushed thru. Sometime, tho, pain is your body's way of warning you of injury. Esp in joints like knees and ankles, you can do lasting damage that could put you out of exercises for long time or even permanently. I was a runner for years and years. Ignored the pain in my knees. Now have torn meniscus and tendon in one knee that's correctable only via surgery. Loved to run, practice martial arts. Now can not at all and had to find other ways to exercise. Don't be dumb like me

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