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Thread: Need Flat Tummy - Help

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    For toning and core strenth...
    Simple ab crunches (sit-ups) do the job pretty well - start on the floor and move up to a fit ball. Make keep your abs tightened and your back in contact with the floor. On a fitball, you need to sit down with your feet flat or the floor, then roll yourself forward, so your hips and back are supported and making sure your legs are firmly on the floor at 90 degrees - cross your arms over your chest, stretch backwards and then tighten your abs and move your upper body upward until you're at about 45 degrees and try not to roll around! If you have any back problems, stick with the floor crunches unless you can find a PT to supervise. If you can find somewhere with a creche, yoga is great for core strength too.

    For loss of abdominal fat...
    You can't spot reduce. It just doesn't happen, the first place it goes on is the last place it comes off, but getting rid of it is possible with a mix of healthy eating and exercise. Cardio is any activity which gets your pulse up a bit, so walking/running outside is just as good as the gym. If you're already losing weight, looks like you're doing this right already - keep going!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imported_obaapa View Post
    Please help, I need some bright ideas, after the birth of my son, managed to drop from size 14 to size 12 (due to long stay in hospital,which is perfect for me and not complaining), but can not get rid of bulgy tummy, tend to walk alot for exercise. Going to the gym is totally out of question becos I am a single mum. Any bright ideas please.

    Do some Exercise at home like stretching, jug in place and set ups...It will surely helped you as it also helped my Sister-in-law...And aside from exercising eat also healthy food like vegetables and fruits...Don't always eat junk food for it is not good for us...Just always maintain a good balance diet all the time.

    Good Luck and May God Bless You!!!

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    Smile flat tummy

    Hi there, I do empatize with you regarding time and money, but I believe the best way to start to re-define your abs is by cleaning your fridge of salad dressings, high fructose corn syrup and sugar. I use olive oil, lemon, salt, or maybe plain yogurt with oil and pepper for dressing but never had salad dressings. Then, try to ad cardio like the eliptical or walking 20 to 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Later use a lite dumbell and lie on the flor lift your legs ups and pas one dumbel to the other leg while keeping your navel tuck, or sit on the floor legs hips width apart and keep the right one bendt, lif the left one up as you do tricep dips go up and down then switch legs. try 30 times with each leg.

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