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Have your questions/concerns answered!

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  • Have your questions/concerns answered!

    Hi everyone! Do you have concerns about daily life, no matter itís education, or money, or inequality, or anxiety about the future, and have noway to solve it? Are you troubled by a relationship or the world at large and seeking a different perspective to look at it? Come share it with us in Shifu Says and you might find your answer. To Submit:

    1. Whatís Shifu Says?

    The first ever practical Zen radio show. It features Master Minghai, an eminent Zen Buddhist monk. He will be sharing his thought-provoking answers to 1 or 2 concerns about personal life, relationships or the world at large, with his wisdom from Zen Buddhism. We are not psychologist, but in the 10 minute of each episode, the show will provide you an alternative perspective of dealing with daily issues.

    2. Who will be answering your questions?

    Master Minghai, who we call Shifu (literally means master), has been a monk for 40 years and is now the Head Monk of Bailin Monastery, one of the biggest Zen Buddhist temples in China. People around him are always inspired by his acute perceptions and thought-provoking viewpoint into the world conversation. He speaks fluent English and has a great sense of humor.

    3. Where can you listen to Shifu Says?

    Shifu Says will be downloadable on the major radio platforms including:
    Google Play
    We regularly updated RSS Feed direct to your preferred mobile device App.

    4. What do we need from you?

    We are now gathering the concern and questions from future listeners of the show.
    We would like you to contribute your questions or concerns regarding:
    Personal development (Career, Social communication, Characters and
    personalities, Health)
    Interpersonal relationship (Family, Romance, Friendship)
    Spiritual (Religious, Spiritual well-being)

    Here are some examples:

    Example 1
    Statement: I'm concerned because the education system doesn't cater to the
    specific interests of my kids and so I'm worried they will underachieve later in life
    because they didn't get a chance early enough to excel at what they love the most.
    Question: How should I guide my kids through the education system when it isn't
    set up to meet their unique personalities, skills and interests?

    Example 2
    Statement: I think my boss is having an affair with my friend who is married. They
    don't realise that I know. I'm worried because it could cause a huge rift later on and
    have a knock-on disastrous effect. I care about my friend, but don't really agree
    with it.
    Question: What should I do? Pretend I don't know? Intervene gently? Announce it
    across the office to make sure that this affair is abruptly quashed?

    Example 3
    Statement: My best friend's grandmother is unwell and she isn't sure about the
    future. She's been feeling very upset recently. It's been affecting her work and I feel
    her personality has changed. I'm not sure what to say to her.
    Question: What is the most suitable advice I could give to my best friend?

    5. How do you send your questions or concerns?

    You can write down your questions or concerns within 500 words and submit
    through the online form below or send it to You can also record
    it in audio form. Shifu will review your question or concerns to
    prepare for the radio show. If he decides to use your story, we will contact asap.
    You can choose to submit your concerns anonymously or you can keep your name
    in it. But we will treat all statements and questions 100% confidentially. By that
    we means we will omit names or change names used, so that you will not be
    identifiable. To Submit:
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