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  • fling question

    So when I was traveling to another province my friend invited me out to come drink with some of her friends and we ended up going to a hotel first where I met this guy named Dave. Dave was not actually friends with my friend Ashley who had invited me out he was friends with Jordan and Jordan was friends with Elaine who was good friends with Ashley.

    Anyway, Dave and I hit it off pretty well having conversations he was quite interested in where I came from and wanted to learn more. After a night of drinking we ended back at the hotel and I knew it was going to lead to something as he was hitting on me all evening and we ended up having amazing sex. The next morning he even bought me breakfast and drove me home and he kept asking me if I would ever move here and I told him eventually I'd like to.

    That same day I heard from my friend Ashley that Dave was bragging about hooking up with me to Jordan and the rest of his friends through Elaine. I never heard back from Dave but I really feel it was because I didn't live there however, his friend from that night we were hanging out with did text me and said nice meeting you good luck with everything. Do you feel that may of been one of the reasons I may not of heard back from Dave? or something else?

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    To me, Dave sounds like one of those kiss and tell guys. Generally doing that does not create the conditions for a lasting relationship. I would guess that Dave is not looking for a lasting relationship. That may be why he has not contacted you.
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      Same thoughts here. If he wanted something further, he would've pursued something further.


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        This is a really tall stretch to say he was friends with your friend. He sounds like a one-nighter, that's all he wanted, that's all he got. Consider it an amazing night of sex and at least he was gentleman enough to stay the night and throughout breakfast. I think that even should you move there within the next two weeks, you'd find him not interested. Do you have his phone number, e-mail address or anything that would allow you to contact him? That conversation is the one that would tell you what you need to know. I wish you luck.


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          I agree with everyone else. It was sex, nothing else. Embrace it for what it was: an incredible sexual encounter, and quit worrying about what must be wrong with you for him not to call.

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            Boys brag. Men respect a woman's privacy.


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              To my opinion, you should be more self-confident. Don't try to be in his life more than he needs, because it is really bothering and could be even annoyng to him.
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