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Mariah Carrey NYE Performance

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  • Mariah Carrey NYE Performance

    I'm interested to hear the feedback of those of you who saw her performance live or after it began being posted. I had a bit of a different opinion on the performance than most I've seen posting about it on social media.

    I felt for her. She has given the world over 2 decades of music, whether it be your preferred style of music or not. She has exhibited vocal talent, over and over and over. In a setting such as that one with millions of roaring people, it is not uncommon for artists to use backup tracks (of their own previously recorded vocals). To me, it was clear that lip syncing wasn't her intention as I could hear her singing with the track at times. As soon as she realized the issue she began asking for it to be fixed......... no one fixed it, and then instead of production cutting to commercial to fix the issue, they let her stand up there the entire time. There is no way she could hear ANYTHING but the roar and chaos of millions of screaming people without her monitors working. If she tried to sing along anyway, she'd have gotten out of sync with the track (because she couldn't hear it). So, she eventually just stopped trying. How could anyone blame her?

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    The crew was obviously working without a plan B. For that big of a production, a backup should be there for everything. I can understand why she felt she was hung out to dry. Musicians do everything to continue a performance, but if the vocalist cannot sync to the music some way, the production will break down. There should have been a backup earpiece on a different channel.

    I did not see it live as I was at a club enjoying live music.
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      Right! I know someone who was there with her team, but was in the crowd. He said there was NO WAY she could hear her music. He also said she delivered a flawless performance of Auld Lang Syne before what was aired on tv. He said she asked to use her own equip and they didn't want her to. Then she stood there asking for help during the live performance and they did nothing. She actually left her vacation early to do this show, because they begged her to. He also said she was a good sport and after the show she stuck around for the ball drop. If she were a diva like the public is saying, she'd have probably made a scene and stormed out.
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        I saw the video. idk enough about production and performing to comment in any meaningful way about what happened really.

        I don't think it was as big a deal as people make it.
        I think her talent stands for itself. I do remember a performance years ago that she blew majorly, long before all the cell phones and YouTube. I'm sure that is locked in archives. She can sing, I don't know who would argue that, and she's a self proclaimed diva.
        I actually didn't feel one way or another about it.