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women with guns

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  • women with guns

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I wonder what other's opinions may be.
    Not interested in making this a political discussion, but rather of your opinions on personal safety measures.

    I have decided to research and consider learning to use a gun and carry one for protection, on occasion.
    I have various reasons for arriving at this, the final straw being a shooting in my own middle class neighborhood.

    I live alone at the moment. I arrive home from work late at night. I've increased lighting around my home. I learned recently that a criminal used my yard as an escape route just minutes prior to my arrival home....

    I am chronically ill, and physically as strong as possible but I am weak, I cannot count on my efforts to defend myself.

    I'm also trying not to overreact or be paranoid. I spoke with a LEO in my neighborhood, and dated one recently. They all encourage it for me, with proper education and if I'd be comfortable with it.

    I have since learned that some women I really respect have been packing secretly the whole time I knew them. They keep quiet for obvious reasons.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've got a lot of friends and family that have guns. The mayor of the major city in our area recently told people that the police can't be there for everyone, so they need to get guns and protect themselves. And he wasn't being alarmist.

    We've had multiple situations in this area that have resulted in intruders that seemed to have the worst intentions being shot and killed by an armed householder, often women they probably imagined themselves overpowering. In a couple of cases, they actually told them repeatedly not to come in or they would shoot them, but they charged in anyway in broad daylight. Imagine what someone that crazy would do to you.

    I wanted one years ago. So, I understand the motivation. I don't think age, sex, or physical strength really change the reasons to get one. Even as a man, someone else could easily fight better, be more desperate, or be armed. But the reasons to not have one are also the same.

    A weapon changes the wielder's mind. It changes the way you approach situations, what you trust in, and your outlook of the world. It's a change I don't want for myself anymore.
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      know that having one might give you a sense of security but how do you keep it ready to use for self defense?
      when you are sleeping and someone sneaks in.....saw a video on news where people broke in house and they were stepping around the people in living room sleeping who didn't even hear then
      when you are in the shower, do you take gun into bathroom and could you get to it in time
      do you sleep with it under pillow, can you get to it in time if sleeping

      in some instances it might be helpful if you heard the person breaking in and you had the gun ready that moment but having one and keeping it readily available, might cause hypervigilance and extra stress
      I'm wondering if a security system might be better?
      or a dog? have read people are less likely to break into houses with dogs (you need to leave evidence like a dog bowl at back door)


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        I have a lot of friends who have guns and got their license to conceal carry. They never carry them though. I think the notion of protecting ourselves with guns sounds good, but in reality I'm not sure it's usually very practical. I have a high powered bb gun in my nightstand that looks identical to a handgun. But if someone broke in right this second, I'd be hard pressed to go get it in time to protect myself.

        My house alarm system makes me feel safer than a gun does. I know that the sound of the alarm alone would run most people off. But even if it didn't, it would give me enough warning to prepare myself.
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          PS. The shooting in your neighborhood wasn't a young mother shot to death and discovered by her school aged son, was it?
          "Be what you're looking for."


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            I've never worried about my neighbors having guns. That being said, gun ownership is not for everyone. Some are irresponsible. In others, it drives responsibility.

            kitty, start learning about the many aspects of gun ownership before committing to ownership.
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              I actually own guns already. they were gifts, that I have no idea how to use. lol

              That's my plan jns. I really don't believe I will be of any benefit to myself carrying a gun I'm not confident and sure of. I intend to go shooting, get some experience and see if it's right for me. if I cannot accept the responsibility and liability that comes with it, I simply won't go forward.

              The shooting in my neighborhood was not well publicized at all. I've found no updates on it at all, and decided I would call the PD for info. I am guessing it was drug related. Happened in broad daylight too, at a home I drive by daily, and walk past frequently with my dog.

              I do have dogs. My little one may or may not bark, depending on what we were doing. I would keep it on my nightstand while sleeping.

              I would struggle with hurting another person honestly, but I have decided the time has come to take responsibility for my security, and look into all these options.


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                All statistics and expert commentary I have seen doesn't show any increased protection with a gun. If anything, it shows lethal consequences in altercations that otherwise would not have been if a gun wasn't involved. I am also a liberal who believes in heavier gun controls so I may be biased in what I read. The biggest thing really is education and proper training. After all the stuff I have heard and read, this is a quick summary:

                When you get a licence to carry a concealed weapon, the person training you will teach you to think in terms that everybody out there is also carrying. This is pretty standard training/thinking. As you can image, that will create a certain sense of paranoia which leads to people with concealed weapons more likely to use it during altercations. Just remember what the true statistics are on how many people actually carry.

                If you are in a mass shooting setting, you are more likely to get shot if you try to defend yourself with a gun than hide. Having a gun often gives you a false sense of security.

                Most gun violence in the US is related to suicides. And suicide attempts with a gun is usually always lethal. Think of yourself and those who may have access to your guns.

                There is a great article on NPR on this topic called Does Carrying A Pistol Make You Safer?

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                  I won't likely carry a gun on me at all times. I would have it at home, for sure, and I've not figured out how I'll manage the arrival home from work scenario, as I don't want to leave it in my car. I won't be the one packing at the grocery store Not at first anyway. Once I learn to handle one, feel comfortable in doing so, I will figure out what's right for me.

                  I live alone, so no children or other adults atm, have access to it. I already have 2 guns, and have kept them in the closet for years. I lack the knowledge, skill and comfort for handling them, so there they have stayed.