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Letting go of the past

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  • Letting go of the past

    In the quest of becoming the best version of myself I need to handle my ghost that are following. You know when you are dwelling on past misstakes or things that you wish you would have done differently.

    Yes, some of us actually find the time to dwell.
    So in becoming a better person and focusing your energy on better things we need to let go of the past so we can make room for a better present and a better future.
    So instead of just dwelling on the fact that I need to let go of ****, here are some steps in actually doing so.
    • Learn to live in the present.
    Every time you remember something painful, think instead ”where am i now?” I actually read somewhere that when you remember something you are not actually remembering the situation but the last time you thought about it. So therefore ask yourself the question. Where am I now? Because if the mind is full with the presence then it cannot make space for the past.
    • Change your past!
    I know you cannot travel back in time and boy, have I thought about it millions of times what i would do differently. Sometimes i would have been able to sell my soul for the opportunity to rewind time and do things differently. BUT what we actually can do to change the past is actually change our perception of what happened. We need to ask ourselves questions like ”what really happened? What kind of evidence do I have to make this assumption? Could there be another perception just as valid as mine to this particular situation? What would be a better way to perceive this?” If you are dwelling on a situation that you felt unfair treated by people? Could it be so that they treated you bad because of jealousy or just because they were feeling bad about something else?
    • You are not the same person anymore!
    You could not have made anything differently in the past, simply because you didn’t know any better. What if somebody expected you to do a ”saltomortal” on your first time on a trampoline?
    • Get a ritual.
    To let go of something that is persecuting you.Write it down and burn the paper. Something similar to this. Maybe once you get it off your chest and burn it, it will be easier to let go of it.
    • Make space for the new.
    What would you rather be doing instead of dwelling, and what do you need to accomplish this? Make a vision of your new environment instead of dwelling the old.
    • Fail forward.
    Instead of judging yourself for your past, we can look at out past as we guiding ourselves. Take responsibility for your misstakes but don’t take them personally and remember that failure is temporary, so learn from your misstakes.
    • Ask yourself, what do you need to let go of the past?
    Ask yourself, can I let it go? What do I need to do to let it go? When will i be able to let it go?
    • Give yourself a challenge.
    Every time you catch yourself dwelling on the past write it down and then the next day you make it to a mission to dwell less and eventually it will be gone.
    This is what Im focusing on right now. Im not just thinking about making some changes, I’m starting with the man in the mirror.