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    Healthy Reasons to Eat Yogurt

    It has been recently found that yogurt is mainly enjoyed by the women. Is it the Benefit of Yogurt what the women are looking for?

    What is the Benefit of Yogurt in the scientifical background?

    Yogurts have a great place in the food habit of the people from the very early period. Previously it was taken as a desert but from the recent past. It has been taken as a food with huge health benefit. It is supposed that the women are more likely to eat more yogurts.at are the reasons and the Benefit of Yogurt, a dairy-based product in contrast of bias of gender?
    Yogurt is undoubtedly a very harmless substance.

    Its position is between milk and cheese from the point of view of dairy. It can be taken as a staple food by mixing with different types of food grains and it can also be taken as breakfast or snack. All the preparations of yogurt are popular in its own position. Now the people of the UK buy more yogurts than ever and they are enjoying the Benefit of Yogurt very easily.

    But it is also true that 10% of the bought yogurt remains uneaten. There are a lot of reasons behind this misuse or avoidance of the yogurt. But if you have decided to leave yogurt from your food menu, only 1 reason will bring you back to the track again. The reason is that the women like to eat yogurt the most. Actually, Benefit of Yogurt surprisingly works for women.

    Actually, “Benefit of Yogurt surprisingly works for women!”. Now again the major question arises why this imbalance of gender regarding yogurt consumption? Is it profound or just sexism? The reasons behind this opinion are tried to discuss here. The influence of culture-

    The name of yogurt is found in the history of even 8000 years ago. Genghis Khan and his Army used to have yogurt as their staple food. But the word “Genghis Khan” and “Feminine” never match. However, India is one of the main countries where yogurt is a common food. In the entire Indian cuisines, yogurt is very common. In Panjabi yogurt is taken as female. This may be a reason behind this. And thus these women are reaping the Benefit of Yogurt.

    Again it is known that Queen Cleopatra used to use and consume for adding more beauty to her appearance. This may be another cultural reason behind women’s consuming more yogurt.

    Benefit of Yogurt Biological importance-

    The female consumes yogurt for some biological reasons also. The biological importance of having yogurt is highly proven and thus accepted. Lactose Tolerance-

    In most females, Lactose intolerance is found severely. It is really more in the females. This may be caused for any biological reason. For that reason to have the required ingredients of milk, they like to have more yogurt than their male counterpart. So here females are the right person for getting the Benefit of Yogurt.

    Good bacteria-

    This is the very common reason behind consuming yogurt for both male and female. One of the main ingredients of yogurt is bacteria or cultures. These are mainly good bacteria which have a great effect on keeping your stomach and digestive system incoherence. This is the reason as to why yogurt is one of the main favorite foods for the women in general. Benefit of Yogurt Evolution-

    According to one of the traditional theories on how the men and the women have been made. It is said that men are made of the tough and bad things and on the other hand female are made with all the nice things including sugar. As yogurts are a sweet food in taste, it is thought that it is made for the women and they can have the Benefit of Yogurt very naturally.
    Another evolutionary idea behind the reason of why women like to have yogurt than the men is that biologically and genetically the women are hotter than the men. So, very naturally the women need to take yogurt in good amount. Preventing Osteoporosis is one of the main functions Benefit of Yogurt

    It is naturally proven that women lack some important nutrients. Of them, calcium is very important. As a result, the women suffer from problems of bones than the men. As yogurt is a very good source of calcium or yogurts is famous for its calcium. The women need to consume more yogurts. Osteoporosis is the reason behind this problem in the bone. Preventing Osteoporosis is one of the main functions and Benefit of Yogurt. Reduce blood pressure- Is important part Benefit of yogurt

    Women are likely to be more vulnerable to high blood pressure. It is the common scenario of the developed countries like the USA. The good bacteria in yogurts make the taste of it sour (if sugar is not added). When this sour yogurt is consumed, it reduces the things like cholesterol of the blood which are responsible for high blood pressure. Thus, very naturally, it is a very good choice for the women.

    Benefit of Yogurt for Fight against the vaginal infections-

    Vaginal infection for Candida or Yeast is a very common problem among the women. This is more common to the women who suffer from diabetics. In this case, the best solution is consuming more yogurts. If yogurt is added to the daily food menu of a woman, she will certainly be in a better condition against this type of vaginal infections and thus they can enjoy the Benefit of Yogurt. Benefit of yogurt Brings freshness female minds

    Depression is one of the most noteworthy outcomes of modern civilization. Women are the worst sufferer of this problem as they have to undergo several problems like security and identity. As a result, they become sad or depressed in most of the times.

    So these are enough Benefit of Yogurt reasons for which the women take more than their male counterpart. They do so mainly to keep themselves more attractive and to keep themselves free from various social and physical disorders. Therefore, women can easily have the Benefit of Yogurt in this way.

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      speaking of yogurt
      was at store without kid and wasn't sure which to get
      there's 101 choices
      apparently I picked right one cause when got home kid said "you know me so well!"


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        Consuming probiotics has a multitude of health benefits.

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