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October's News & Updates

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  • October's News & Updates

    October 2007 Newsletter - Happy Halloween!
    Poster of the Month
    Congratulations to "Ravsoma",our October Poster of the Month! She has contributed 404 Posts!! Now I know that some of you have had your disagreements about Ravsoma. Some of you feel she is too young to be here and, at times, she has been a bit raw with people. But over the time that she has been a member, I can honestly say that she has grown and worked hard to be a diligent contributer to this site. I have watched her adapt to the rules of our forum and learn how to handle negative opinions very maturely. She takes a lot of time to welcome new members and contribute positive advice to others. So I want to tell Ravsoma to keep up the good work! You have come far and we are glad to have you.

    For those who don't already know, the more you post, the more features and recognition you get with Women's-Health.com. Some of the added bonuses are a custom user title for one year, HTML allowed in signatures, and a reputation boost. For more information on Poster of the Month, click here.
    Tip of the Month
    Wish your skin was softer and smoother? Here are some tips to help achieve that silky to the touch, healthy skin.

  • I know I have said it before, but I just can't say it enough! You MUST drink lots of water ladies! Most people just don't realize how much their skin relies on water. First of all, the water helps prevent drying of your skin, nails, hair, eyes, and vaginal fluids. Doctors recommend 8 glasses a day and they mean it! Plenty of water will help to maintain the elasticity in your skin which prevents wrinkling later in life. It also helps you to properly shed dead skin cells. If those two things are not happening, you end up with dry and dull skin. This is the most important factor in maintaining healthy skin. Don't think that drinking 8 cans of soda or 8 glasses of fruit juice are going to cut it either. The excessive sodium and sugars are actually damaging to your body and can cause the opposite of what you want... dehydration.
  • Eat healthy! I am not talking about a diet where you starve yourself either. I mean, eat food that is better for you. The more garbage your body has to process, the less healthy you will appear all over (including your skin). There are certain vitamins, amino acids, and protiens that are so vital for healthy skin and the best place to get them is healthy foods.
  • Some moisturizing lotions are good for your skin, but it's important to know that not all lotions are. You want to look for lotions that contain vitamins (particularly vitamin E), aloe, oatmeal, and other ingredients that are proven to sooth and promote healthy skin. Avoid excessive perfumes and fancy ingredients that no one has ever heard of. Some of the chemicals put into lotions can actually have negative effects.
  • Do not tan excessively! If you are going out in the sun, wear sun block! Not only will the sun damage your skin over time causing it to dry out, lose it's elasticity, and wrinkle prematurely... it WILL cause cancer for many unsuspecting women. The cancer will destroy your skin and possibly even kill you. If you insist on having a tan, use skin bronzer or spray on tan. Be smart, be safe.
  • Lastly, all of these things will also cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin: stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, illegal drugs, many prescription drugs, environmental pollutants, and constant skin contact with chemicals such as household cleaning products.
    Question of the Month

    Q. I haven't had a mammogram or breast exam, I know I need to, but I can't afford it and don't have insurance. What can I do?

    A. All women need to know, especially during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), that there are several options depending on where you live. Now, I cannot speak for all countries because we are based in the US, but here are some ideas for those in the United States.

  • There are hospitals and clinics in most states that offer income assistance based on what money you earn. If you aren't earning any money, these places will usually provide service for free. These places are usually larger, well known hospitals. Look them up on the internet or phone book, call them, and ask them if they offer income assistance. Then get your butt in there and get checked out! **wink**
  • The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. During this time, many hospitals and medical centers (particularly those specializing in cancer) will offer free or discounted breast exams and mammograms, but only for a limited time. Some only do it for a day or two and some for the whole month. There may also be a waiting list. So it is very important to find a place and contact them immediately.

  • Breast cancer is silent, stealthy, and deadly. You can have it for many years and not know until the doctor tells you it's too late to fix it. Don't take the chance of being another statistic. If it's not easy to get checked out where you live, FIND A WAY! Don't be ashamed to ask for help!
    We Want Your Opinion!
    We built this site for YOU so please tell us what you like about this site, what you would like to change, or any suggestions you may have. Anything big or small, we want to know about it! We have created a forum near the top of the support boards titled "WH Feedback" just for you. Please share your thoughts there.
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