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Thread: What cause itchy nipples

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    Unhappy What cause itchy nipples

    i know this sounds kinda crazy, but for the past couple of days my nipples have been itching really bad. i haven't changed laundry soap or done anything different. i tried getting in the shower and washing them with just water, and then putting on lotion afterward, but still they itch. what could cause this, and better yet how can i make it stop

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    I've had that problem before and I think it was a combination of working out a lot with a sweaty sports bra rubbing them and the dry weather. I just put a lot of lotion on and it went away after a few days.
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    hormones before your period?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablaze View Post
    hormones before your period?
    i am thinking that, too

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    Default itchy nipple syndrome

    jessica, i've had the same problem for the past week or so and it's getting out of hand. my nipples are itching like mad, even though i rub cacao and coconut butter, creams and oils on them-- nothing seems to help. i haven't changed anything like my diet, bras or detergent. the only change i noticed is that my breasts are fuller and harder. i will be getting it checked out by the doctor if it persists.

    i was wondering if your situation has gotten better or worse and if you found a remedy or diagnosis, what it was. i hope that you're not itching like crazy anymore as i still am.

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