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Thread: Burning sensation in lower ab/uterus?

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    Default Burning sensation in lower ab/uterus?

    I kinda posted a little about this on another thread, but I'm concerned about some pain I've been feeling in my lower ab.

    This past June, I was at work when I got the most intense stabbing pain in my lower ab...felt like my uterus? I stopped in the hallway and started to hunch over. A coworker asked if I was ok and I explained it to her...she thought I might be pregnant, but I wasn't. The stabbing faded to a burning sensation (about a 7 or 8 on scale of 1-10) that lasted the rest of the day and continued sporadically for the next several days. It was accompanied by pain in what felt like my ovaries...on the left and right side of my lower ab.

    This month, it came back. Only not quite so severe. I felt the burning sensation again...this time at about a 5 or 6...and it didn't last as long as the last time. I've been feeling the stabbing pains in my lower and right side of my ab again. Both sensations come-and-go.

    The last time it happened, I had my pap and I told the dr about it and she said if it continued, to come back. Well, I didn't feel anything until this month.

    Anyone have any clue as to what it could be?

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    It could very possibly be cysts on your ovaries. They can be seen with a CT Scan and operated on. I went into the ER for abdominal pain in June, and I was sure it was appendicitis or a cyst...Turned out it was just constipation.

    I would say go back to the doctor and get a CT Scan just to be sure it's nothing too terribly serious.

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    Exclamation We have similar conditions: let's share.

    Hi Sweetpea85,

    I know it's kind of late to reply to your post of August 2009, but I decided to anyways.

    I've been having the same exact sensations that you described, e.g., stabbing pains that make me fold twice, that last for 4-5 days, sometimes associated, sometimes not with my period.

    In September 2010 I got into the ER because that pain was excruciating. All kinds of doctors saw me, including a GYN. They found nothing worrisome in my feminine organs. However, they did a CT scan and discovered that I had a blood clot in my portal vein. They suggested that it was probably caused by birth control pills that I had been taking for almost a year by then.

    Now, almost 2,5 months later, I still have remote sensations of stabbing pain, and lately I've had a warm sensation in my rectum, uterus, and upper thigh area.

    Don't know what to do. Read tons of literature. Scheduled an appointment with an OB/GYN for December. Worried that it might be endometriosis or something else.

    Please, share with me what was going wrong with you and if you/doctors were able to figure out the diagnosis.

    I'm 31 and I don't have any kids yet, but I really want to have them one day.

    Thank you.

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