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Thread: Which yogurt brands have live active cultures?

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    Default Which yogurt brands have live active cultures?

    I have been getting a few mixed answers. Does anyone know brands of yogurts that have live active cultures? I need to eat this for some female problems.
    Does Yoplait yogurts have them? Will it say on the label?


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    Technically yogurt is a live culture, however the one your looking for to help with the feminine issue is yogurt with bacterial cultures in it called "Probiotics". Another one will have a culture called BL Regularis.

    By the way the probiotics will not cure a thing. They are mainly regarded as a benefit to the body but not something that should be considered a complete defensive mechanism. But having a simple cup of yogurt a day is sure a tasty way (I do not like yogurt personally) to boost your immune system even if it is only a little.
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    I thought they all pretty much did...
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    I've been looking for one. Used to be if I wanted to make yougurt, I could just buy a cup of Mountain High Yogurt and some milk and get busy. But now it's loaded with gelatin and such to thicken it and it doesn't make a good starter. I shall probably have to stop being lazy and get some actual acidophilus and hope I get a nice flavor out of it.
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    Acidophilus is the key if you do not like yogurt or if you are unsure which one is the best that way you know you got what you are looking for!

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