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Thread: Cold hands all the time. :[

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    Default Cold hands all the time. :[

    My hands are always cold and I can't say that I enjoy it because I can't touch anyone without them saying that I feel like death. Even my bf seems to be so sensitive that if I touch him, he complains. I don't even bother touching myself because I can't stand how icy cold my hands feel, so I guess the majority of the time I'm used to and don't notice, until I actually touch someone else. o.O

    Sometimes I wash my hands with really hot water and they feel warmer, but they just get cold all over again. It just seems like they really suck the cold right out of the air. Is there something I can do? I have always thought it was due to poor circulation or something? Can I increase circulation to my hands if that is the case?

    My feet get awfully cold just like my hands, if my hands are not cold. I get surprised if my hands **are** warm. It's strange because even if my body temperature is normal, my hands are still icy cold.'s been a problem for years now. But I mean, it sux because how can I even think about touching loved ones and being gentle and affectionate if my hands always feel like the cold touch of death?

    I hope to get some answers on this. :/

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    Hi there!

    Yep, I know **exactly** what it's like Both my hands and feet (mainly my hands) are always freezing! I too have very bad circulation and so unless it's stupidly hot outside my hands are purple (as well as a variety of other interesting colours! lol).

    One thing I do find really helps loads is wearing a pair of cotton fingerless gloves as often as possible. I know it may sound stupid but it really works! Cotton is the key as it produces warmth in your hands very quickly and if you wear gloves lots you'll find that your hands will be so toasty warm they'll be sweating!

    I've found that I've gotten into a habbit of everytime I head outside I've got them on and I leave them on for a little bit once I get back inside...but when I take them off my hands are always lovely and warm

    Hope that helps! Best of luck

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    Cold hands are generally caused by a circulation issue. Do you exercise? Do you smoke? Is your diet healthy? Could you have an iron deficiancy? Lack of iron can lead to a type of anemia that can cause your body to feel very cold, especially hands and feet. Diabetes and other conditions also can create this symptom.

    Smoking decreases circulaiton , a lot of smokers have cold hands ( I am one and do have cold hands as well) also am iron deficiant... and when I start being more cold than normal I know its time to pay attention.

    Hot water will eventually make them colder once they dry. Dry heat works best... one of those little heating packets are great, a heating pad, gloves, placing your hands against a hot spot on your body. I'll sometimes warm my hands under my shirt or in my pants... yep looks like im pervy feeling myself up lol but it works!
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    I have this problem, with my feet as well. It can be circulatory but also thyroid related. In my case I felt cold all the time but when people touched me I felt warm. So I brought that up along with the cold hands and feet (they were actually cold and not warm to the touch like the rest of my body) and she said it is hypothyroidism. I am now on synthroid which really does help but it is still not 100%.
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    I dont think your boyfriend would really appreciate you touching him with gloves on lol. But yes it is a circulatory problem. Sometimes my hands get cold as well and my girlfriend wont let me touch her until I warm them up. Dry heat is really the only way to do it. Water doesnt work and nor does touching your own body in an attempt to attract body heat. If you and your boyfriend are lying in bed for example, try putting your hands under your legs while under the blanket, the heat from your body and the comforter should warm up your hands.
    Being healthy and exercising is a very good way to achieve good circulation. So if your a little out of shape hitting the gym could do no harm for your cold hands not to mention overall self esteem
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