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Thread: Can drinking alcohol make you pee the bed?

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    Default Can drinking alcohol make you pee the bed?

    So I spent the night at a friends house yesterday and both her parents were out of town. We were just kind of sitting around and bored, until my friend found some of her dad's alcohol. Neither of us had ever had any and we were curious so we decided to try some. Well we had a few drinks and I guess got drunk and ended falling asleep. When I woke up I found that I peed the bed so I went to tell my friend and saw that she peed herself too. Is it possible that this was just some random coincidence or can alcohol actually make you pee yourself? We're both freshman in high school if that helps.

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    No. Alcohol should not make you pee the bed. Unless of course you were so intoxicated that your central nervous system was so depressed your bladder couldn't wake your brain to give you the sensation you have to go to the bathroom and wake you.... and that would involve a nearly lethal amount of alcohol which it doesnt sound like you guys had. If you drink so much that your body can't wake you to pee, it might not be able to wake you to remember to breathe... scary stuff.

    Do either of you have a history of bedwetting? If not, was there anyone else in the house with you that could have played a prank? The hand in the warm water joke, or something like that?

    A lot of people get very drunk and pass out and still don't wet the bed, It would be very unusual and the fact that both of you did it.. makes it even more unusual still... that is unless either of you just have a history of it and coincidentally did it on the same night.

    If you have a weak bladder, have to urinate frequently , have trouble holding it... alchohol could definitly make that worse. Your body reacts to it like it does poison, it wants to be rid of it asap which is why it will make you have to use the restroom more than other beverages.

    I know teenagers like to experiment, and telling you not to is going to fall on deaf ears likely, but you really should not be drinking alcohol at your stage in development. Theres a lot of damage that can be done, not to mention the dangers of drinking more than your body can take.
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    I knew someone in college who wet his pants after falling asleep every time he drank. But I've known a lot of people and he was the only one who did it, and also grew out of it. He was probably 18 years old when it happened.
    I agree with Sourpuss. Not only is it illegal for you to be drinking, you could have gotten your friend's father (who you stole from) in a great deal of trouble if any authorities found out. It is a big deal to do something like that. Being drunk is not much different than being hyper and silly ... enjoy that kind of thing instead of drunkenness and you won't have to worry about peeing yourself ... except maybe from laughing.
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    if you were TRULY drunk its possible. I had an embarassing moment....I got so drunk that my brain just did not wake me up and i pee'd all over this guy!!!! i woke up in the mornin we were watchin a movie ended up fallin asleep 2getha! I was apologizin like crazy, lol but most of all I was so embarassed...I believe if u were severely intoxicated its very possible.

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    mommy2keyoni...this message is for you. Can I ask a serious question? When this happened to you what did the guy think? I ask this because this just recently happened to me and I am mortified. I haven't spoken to this guy since it has happened. I am so embarrassed and beating myself up over this....I guess I am just looking for some feedback here.

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    This thread is a year old. You are talking to a poster who was here for a very brief time a year ago. Please check the dates before you post on a non current thread.
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