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Thread: Cystic Acne on Breasts

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    Default Cystic Acne on Breasts

    Hello! For awhile now I've been having these really bad breakouts on my breasts. I never had acne before and I'm not sure really when it started but I want to say its been almost 10 years probably. The breakouts are worse around my period. Sometimes they are just little buildups of oil but other times they are huge, red, swollen and very tender. The larger ones tend to break open and leak blood and all kinds of nastiness.

    I've done a lot of research around the web and haven't really found anything other than a disease which I don't think I had (fiber cystic breast disorder or something like that) I also went to the Dr. who told me that it was a bacterial infection of some type, like a yeast infection kind of but on the breasts instead. She gave me some anti-biotics (which I finished) and also told me that eating yogurts with live cultures would help.

    Well... they didn't lol. I'm also on the Pill (2nd month) which I thought might help but hasn't yet. She suggested using Gold Bond Medicated Powder (which I do regularly) but that doesn't help either other than makes them less irritated feeling.

    I've had one friend tell me she has the same problem but really didn't go much into it other than she hated it (and her boobs - which I do too ).

    I've tried using acne wash, anti-bacterial soap - nothing really seems to help.

    Anyone else suffer from this and have any tips?

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    From what I've been told, cystic acne is caused by a hormone imbalance. It's the kind that are on top of the skin that are usually from dirt, oil or infection, etc.

    Can you get your hormone levels tested?
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    I haven't had any tests ran since my MD ruled it as being an infection, but that's something I'll look into!

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