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Thread: Urinating frequently during part of the day

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    Default Urinating frequently during part of the day

    Good morning,

    For approximately one week I have urinating frequently mostly in the mornings, but I sleep through the night.

    I don't know if I have a UTI-there is no burning or other symptoms, but I have a few questions:

    1. If I do have a UTI, I prefer not to go to the doctors because of cost of visit and I don't like to take medicines if not necessary.

    2. I read that drinking Cranberry Juice Cocktail may make it worse because of the sugar content-suggested to purchase pure cranberry juice. I would assume if I mix water with the Cranberry Juice Cocktail that would be okay.

    3. The most important question-is it possible to rid the infection without medicine?

    I am health conscious and eat extremely well-I am a daily watcher of Dr. Oz. For the last few weeks, my intake of fruit, vegetables and fiber have been somewhat diminished.

    As I write this e-mail I feel okay. Also. I am curious as to how much is mental (stress) and not physical.

    I appreciate your input and advice.

    Have a healthy day.

    Karen from Canton Massachusetts

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    Hello karen

    From what you're saying im not entirely sure if it is a UTI that you have, do you have any other symptoms at all?

    If it is a UTI i was always told cranberry juice would do the trick but there is a few other products on the markets as well (over the counter if i remember correctly) so you wont need to visit a doc
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    Default frequent urination


    I have no other symptoms and so far this morning I am fine. I am not stressed too often, but maybe this was/is part of it.

    So far this morning I am fine. I know cranberry juice is good, but I have never read anything about cranberries, but I am guessing cranberries are just as good if not better. In a few minutes I am going to eat frozen cranberries in plain yogurt. I did a google search on foods to avoid and it mentioned foods containing acids. I assume there are good and bad acids?


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