So I am opening this up to all of you to see if anyone has had anything similar. Here's what's going on: For about 2 months now I've had what I thought was a head cold, swollen throat, swollen glands (body obviously trying to fight something off)sore throat, fever the whole bit. The glands keep reswelling and the fever keeps coming back. Also, I have had abnormal menstrual bleeding, been getting a short period every two weeks or so. Have also had what feels like body aches associated with flu sympoms, but only in my pelvis and legs. The part that really concerns me is that I have ALSO had a tightness/swelling/pain spot in my lower left abdomen. Right around where I think my ovary is. It hurts more during intercourse. I've had the same boyfriend for years, and we always use condoms as our BC. Any help that anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated. : )