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Thread: Mucus in Stool

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    Question Mucus in Stool

    Since the beginning of January, I have been noticing mucus in my stool. It looks like little white pieces attached to the stool. Shortly after noticing this, I started to experience severe pain in my stomach area, right under my left breast, so I went to the doctor and told him everything and he said it was just constipation and splenic flexure syndrome, so he gave me a laxative and a suppository. The next day I inserted the suppository and started feeling a lot of burning and pain, then noticed pink colored blood when I wiped. I also took the laxative shortly after.

    Since then I have been noticing mucus mixed with blood on toilet paper and sometimes it has an awful smell and I still see mucus in my stool. I don't always see mucus on the toilet paper. 2-3 days can go by without me seeing any, but I almost always see mucus in my stool. I have also greatly increased my fiber intake since the visit to the doctor and I may not be drinking enough water.

    In November of last year, I had sex for the first time, again in December and I had performed oral sex once, all with the same man. I'm wondering if this could have anything to do with my symptoms. The man had a large penis and the sex was very painful for me both times. I believe he did use a condom, but not during the oral sex. Is it possible that vaginal sex can cause anal fissures or that this is an STD or some sort of bowel disease? I have been worried sick for the past month and a half because of this and really need some answers.

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    sounds like constipation
    ive had similar symptoms when i was constipated after over doing it with the imodium down south
    if you are still having problems go see your doctor
    i dont think this is related to having sex at all

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