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Thread: Please help! My ears feel completely blocked!

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    Default Please help! My ears feel completely blocked!

    I went to the hospital today to get my ears cleaned out. my right ear feels fine but not my left. I can still hear out of my left ear but it feels blocked and uncomfortable. It feels like if maybe I blow my nose it will unpop itself back to normal? I don't know what is wrong with my left ear. The doctor said it's just water and wax mixed in. What do I do?

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    Default Maybe some help....

    Hi There,
    I have Terrible trouble with my ears. and have tried many things. I found that I was cleaning too much, and was causing my ear to swell.
    Also I now know I have quite small Ear canals, and when I am Showering, or swimming I wear Ear plugs, so the water does not get into my ears.
    It was getting me down so much! so I found 'Swimear' which you can get from Boots or anywhere like that, and that worked so well, ask behind the counter.
    Hope thats some help!


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