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Thread: lightning in my eyes

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    Default lightning in my eyes

    about two weeks ago iwas on my way to work, sun at my back, and all of a sudden it was like i had staired into the bright sunshine. if i closed my eyes, i kept seeing kindof like lightning around the last object i looked at. it took two or more hours to go away. with my eyes open or closed, it didnt matter the weird lightning like vision was there. it was like i had looked directly into the sun. and it left an image there. since it happened the first time, it has happened 3 more times. now when it happens, i cover my eyes right away, and it seems to go away faster. which is now about a half hour. one of the times it happened was in the early morning, before the sun even came up. any ideas what could be causing this? one time it happened it was just in one eye. the other three times in was in both. after it happens, i have a slight headache. i know i need to see a doc, but what kind?

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    I would make an appointment first with the eye doctor. It "could" have something to do with the dialation of your eyes. But in the meantime, go ahead and make an appt with your doc to get your foot in the door. Get your eyes checked out first and if they check out good, discuss it with your general doc at that appointment. That way you can tell him/her that you've had your eyes checked and thats not an issue. He may them order some tests and may or may not refer you to a neuro. Either way, better to get it checked out. Better safe than sorry. I know how worrysome it can be when something strange is going on with your body. Make yourself some appointments and try not to stress. Let us know how it goes!

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    That sounds like mild migraine symptoms. Sometimes the pulsating headache is very mild, but the light sensitivity is there. Wiki migraine. Migraines seem to have a genetic component.
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    Regardless of what information you find, get it checked if you can. Everyone is different and what may see to be the same symptoms could have different causes. Better safe than sorry.
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