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Thread: Random sharp stomach/intestinal pains, a little worried

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    Exclamation Random sharp stomach/intestinal pains, a little worried

    Recently I've been having very sudden stabs of pain in my stomach/intestines on the right side of my body, which have been accompanied by dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, and the overall urge to vomit. It just started experiencing this about a week ago, and I wouldn't be worried except for the fact that it's becoming more frequent as the days go on. Last night I had such sudden and unbelievably sharp pains that I would double over and almost be brought to my knees. This has also been accompanied by a weird constant feeling of hunger (even though I'm eating a healthy normal amount.) I've been getting to bed late (but waking up late as well) and have been a little stressed lately, but that's practically commonplace in my weekly routine. Like I said, I wouldn't be worried but it's getting worse and I've never really experienced this before. Any thoughts or advice? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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    Does the pain move at all and are you having bowel movements? Vomiting with pain generally equals bad. If you haven't had a bowel movement recently immediately go to the ER. If the pain doesn't move it can be an intestinal blockage anywhere, lower side: appendicitis (right only), or ovarian cyst (either side), upper right side: gallstones, or pancreatitis. If it's more towards the back kidney stones but those usually accompany urinary problems. Pain that moves is usually a less severe problem because it usually means the digestive tract is involved but functional and may just be hard stool, minor impaction, or severe constipation. Although occasionally that still requires surgical removal if the stool is too large to pass and will not break up plus changing bowel habits to keep the colon from becoming stretched enough to create a large enough impaction that it can't leave the body and possibly changes in diet depending what makes up the impaction.

    No matter what it is you get the fun of an abdominal ct. Don't worry when it feels hot. Even if you have bladder problems it won't make you pee. I tested that. I spent a lot of time in the ER with mystery abdominal pain and difficulty breathing. I got to get all of it ruled out. I also found out I have a bad reaction to ct contrast material after they did 2 in less than 24hrs because my breathing got worse after the first one. About 5mins after the 2nd one finished my heart rate headed for 200bpm and I started hyperventilating until my entire body locked down. End result a year later-uknown digestive tract problems, which they like to call irritable bowel syndrome just to give it a diagnoses but I don't match that either, requiring a worldwide specialist I have to wait another 4-6months to see while taking magnesium oxide daily (every other osmotic laxative gives me gallstones which also put me in the ER) and senna or ducolax twice weekly to keep things functional until then.

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