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Thread: Chronic stomach/head ache pains, severe

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    Default Chronic stomach/head ache pains, severe

    I am 16, female. For the past ooh about 6 or 7 days I have been having chronic severe stomach and head ache pains.
    Stomache pains: Severe stabbing like pain all over my abdomine. It has circulated to my lower back giving me short but painful random shocks of pain in both the sides of my backs. It is not concealed to one area.
    Head aches: Severe pains all over the forehead area. Getting worse with everyday to where sometimes I start crying in the middle of classes and daily activites.
    I am sexually active, parents are aware. However I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant because I have no symptoms of it. I do get stressed and mad easily. I have been constipated from about 3 weeks ago up to this day. Medicine does not help my pains. I rarely get my period ever. Maybe 5 times a year but it has always been that way since age 12 or 13. I have blamed that on my hormones.
    What could the pain be? Should I be worried? How can I make it stop? Parents are aware of my pains and they think nothing of it and I highly doubt they would take me to see a docotor because it's not "life or death." Please don't suggest that because I tell them constantly I don't feel good and they just blow it off.

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    I'm sorry to hear about all of your pain, especially since you are 16 and still a "minor " and under your parents care. ( or seems lack of Care to me )'

    Your High School should have a School Nurse and a Counselor. Maybe you can go talk with one of them ? I'd try the Nurse first. I would sit down with him or her and explain what has been going on with your body. See if they can come up with a possible reason for all of your symptoms. They are Not Dr's but are well trained in Children and Young Adults Bodies..

    Ask if they feel you should have a check up with your Family DR and if they say yes, ask them to put it in writing. This way should something serious arise, you have proof you asked for help.

    If your parents still do not take you to the DR. Then they are Neglecting you.

    Even though you are 16 and they know you are sexually active, Child Neglect is a Criminal offense and in the eyes of the Law, you are still a Child. It is your Parents responsibility to maintain your Health, ensure you are safe and protected ( medically as well as normal care ).

    Are you using Sexual Protection ? If not ask your Parents to take you to the DR. For some form of Birth Control.. While there talk with the DR. about the other issues.

    I am Abhorred at the fact that your parents do not feel that your pain and headaches and even your sexual activity is not a Life or Death Issue
    It is possible you could have a tubal Pregnancy or a STD or other Infection.

    Sit down calmly with your parents, write down the symptoms, how long it's been going on, how and where the pain is and simply ask them to take you to the DR.

    If they say No, then when the pain gets bad, tell the Nurse at school they refused. She or He will be able to help you find some help with this issue.

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    I agree with BG that it's extremely important you see a doctor. You can have a really yucky kidney infection that will NOT get better on it's own and could land you a hospital stay if it's not taken care of. Tubal pregnancy, chlamydia, there are a number of things both minor and major this could be. But there is no way to know without seeing a doctor. I know that's not the suggestion you wanted, but really, what other suggestions are there? We are not medical doctors here and would be doing wrong to "diagnose" you over the internet without the credentials to do so.

    Go to your mother...and say something like the following: "Mom, I'm feeling really bad, it's progressively getting worse, its influencing my school, and I'm getting really really worried. I need to see a doctor as soon as possible." if she says "Oh you're fine", respond "No, I'm not. Something is wrong and I can either go and get it taken care of or end up in the hopsital with thousands in medical bills. If you're not going to take me, I'm going to talk to my school nurse and she will.".

    Your parents cannot deprive you medical care. And medical care is definitely what you need.

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    I don't think it's any type of pregnancy because the pains and symptoms do not match up. My sore throat has been getting worse and just because it is not strep throat im supposedly fine according to them. I have constant times where I'm about to passout in the middle of the day. My head ache pain is causing me lack of consitration. I spend nights sobbing in my room quietly because if im to loud i'll get yelled at. Earlier today I got yelled at for being sick. I'm in a lot of pain and regular medicine isn't seeming to do anything. The constipation has turned into diarrhea (i know gross but still) I can't keep any food or drinks down. I just want the pain to go away

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