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Thread: Painful bump on vaginal opening?

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    Default Painful bump on vaginal opening?

    Just about two days ago I noticed a painful bump right on the opening of my vagina. It's not very big (about the size of a dime) and squishy (so if I pull at the skin it turns more into a painful/sensitive spot rather than a bump), but hurts immensely when I touch it. It also makes my vagina itch, but of course scratching it or rubbing it against anything just makes it hurt more. It's been bothering me in my sleep and I'm not too concerned about it, but I'm worried it may be something bad.

    I do shave and it appeared about two or three days after shaving. I don't notice any other lumps but a line from the bump goes around the lip of my vagina and hurts on one side. The other side of my vagina doesn't hurt at all. It also doesn't hurt to go to the bathroom - it actually more helps to ease the pain than anything. Sitting is slightly painful as is walking. As long as I'm not touching it directly, it's not unbearable, just extremely annoying.

    I'm 16 and have never had sexual intercourse, though for about a week I had vigorous sexual activities. The only foreign part to my vagina would be saliva from my partner - I've been very careful not to get involved with any other fluids. My partner has no visible bumps like mine and I've checked him for visible STIs and still came up with none, so I'm skeptical that it's from him. I do masturbate almost every night, though I've stopped because of it.

    What could this be? Please help!! I don't want to go to the doctor due to a lack of money, and if it's something common or easily dealt with at home, I'd like to do that. Maybe just an irritation? I can't see it since it's near the back, so I can't give any visual anything, really.

    Thank you!!

    EDIT: Forgot to include that as far as I know, it doesn't discharge, and it's too pliable to "pop" it (even it attempting didn't hurt like the dickens).
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    It could be an ingrown hair or a blocked gland, maybe a cyst. I had a blocked gland down there at one time and it hurt like nobody's business.

    Can you even get into a Planned Parenthood for an exam? Those usually cost little to no money.
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    It could be a boil, too.
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