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Thread: Clitoral pain / discomfort

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    Unhappy Clitoral pain / discomfort

    For the past few days I've been feeling a dull pain/discomfort seemingly inside my clitoris and in she shaft right beside or behind it. The pain is not constant, and my clitoris feels normal to the touch - no pain or tenderness. At first the pain would only happen every once and a while, but now it's much more frequent, and is never brought on by anything. Truthfully it really doesn't "hurt" very much, it's the fact that it's happening that's making me worry. Maybe anxiety is getting the best of me (it tends to) but what would be causing this? I'm worried it could be a sign of something worse, or could keep getting worse.
    Also, I recently stopped taking zoloft and a little before the pain started I had a completely different physical symptom that I found out to be due to withdrawal. This may be unrelated, but I thought I'd add it anyway in case anyone has a similar experience..

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    I have this too, on occasion, and I'm not sure what it is. I get anxious about it too, but the best thing to do, I think is to talk to your OBG (if you have one) or your GP. but you're not alone!
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