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Thread: Puss-Filled Pimple Under Breast [photo]

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    Default Puss-Filled Pimple Under Breast [photo]

    Hi, I keep getting these under my breasts, and sometimes in my upper leg, almost at the genital area. and I'm not sure what they are. They are hurtful, and When it gets really bad, as shown in pic, I have to puncture it and squeeze it out. I have no idea what they are. If anybody has any idea, or has a similar experience, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have not seen these before, but they look very painful. Are they filled with clear pus or white/yellow pus? If it's colored, that means there's an infection, maybe they're severe pimples. Have you seen a doctor? It might be a sign of a deficiency or something.

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    It could be a type of cyst? If it is a cyst, although they are painful the best thing to do is leave them to go away on their own. By squeezing it disrupts the sac inside and makes the healing take longer or the sac not be reabsorbed by the body. I would get it checked out by a doctor if you are getting them frequently.

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    Have yourself checked by a doctor - a thorough exam. I would personally request for a mammogram and/or an MRI, which could be overreacting. If you have the means to do it, go and have a thorough check up. Growth like that is a sign of something is wrong - could be simple vitamin deficiency, presence of toxins in the body or something more serious - you never know.
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    I'm 99% sure that is a Boil . here is a Pic of a Boil, it looks very similar to yours. Only yours looks angrier and ready to Burst as you can actually see the Pus under the skin in your Photo.


    Here's a little info on Boils

    A boil is a skin infection that starts in a hair follicle or oil gland. At first, the skin turns red in the area of the infection, and a tender lump develops. After four to seven days, the lump starts turning white as pus collects under the skin.

    The most common places for boils to appear are on the face, neck, armpits, shoulders, and buttocks. When one forms on the eyelid, it is called a sty.
    If several boils appear in a group, this is a more serious type of infection called a carbuncle.

    Causes of Boils
    Most boils are caused by a germ (staphylococcal bacteria). This germ enters the body through tiny nicks or cuts in the skin or can travel down the hair to the follicle.

    These health problems make people more susceptible to skin infections:
    Problems with the immune system
    Poor nutrition
    Poor hygiene
    Exposure to harsh chemicals that irritate the skin

    Symptoms of Boils
    A boil starts as a hard, red, painful lump usually about half an inch in size. Over the next few days, the lump becomes softer, larger, and more painful. Soon a pocket of pus forms on the top of the boil. These are the signs of a severe infection:

    The skin around the boil becomes infected. It turns red, painful, warm, and swollen.
    More boils may appear around the original one.
    A fever may develop.
    Lymph nodes may become swollen.

    When to Seek Medical Care
    You start running a fever.
    You have swollen lymph nodes.
    The skin around the boil turns red or red streaks appear.
    The pain becomes severe.
    The boil does not drain.
    A second boil appears.

    You have a heart murmur, diabetes, any problem with your immune system, or use immune suppressing drugs (for example, corticosteroids or chemotherapy) and you develop a boil.
    Boils usually do not need immediate emergency attention. If you are in poor health and you develop high fever and chills along with the infection, a trip to a hospital's emergency room is needed.

    Exams and Tests
    Your doctor can make the diagnosis with a physical exam. Many parts of the body may be affected by this skin infection, so some of the questions or exam may be about other parts of your body.

    Boils Treatment -- Home Remedies

    Apply warm compresses and soak the boil in warm water. This will decrease the pain and help draw the pus to the surface. Once the boil comes to a head, it will burst with repeated soakings. This usually occurs within 10 days of its appearance. You can make a warm compress by soaking a wash cloth in warm water and squeezing out the excess moisture.

    When the boil starts draining, wash it with an antibacterial soap until all the pus is gone. Apply a medicated ointment and a bandage. Continue to wash the infected area two to three times a day and to use warm compresses until the wound heals.
    Do not pop the boil with a needle. This could make the infection worse.

    Other home treatments...
    One home treatment for boils would be to pour apple cider vinegar over the boil. This will definitely clean the infection inside the boil. After such application, one should wash the boil with water to decrease the burning feel of the apple cider vinegar. One can also mix the vinegar with water and ingest it for internal disinfection.

    Another is placing small pieces of onion and garlic around the boil. These are natural antibacterial and antiseptics which are essential to kill the microorganisms that contribute to the spread of the infection. Some people use a potato directly in contact with the boil so as to extract the pus. In the application of a home treatment for boils, one should take note of the following pointers: wash the hands before and after application, keep the area of the boil clean, apply tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar outside the boil before bandaging, and use clean towels and cloths in cleaning the boil and wash the towels immediately. Also, if a boil is closed, one should leave it uncovered. Air flow is essential to healing.

    It is essential you keep the areas Clean, with yours being under your breast and inner thigh area and frequent, I'd bathe those areas a few of times a day,every day, even after the Boil(s) are gone, with an Antibacterial soap. if you are a " larger " woman. Try to wear a Sports Bra, a cotton one, so that area can breath and stay drier, also don't wear tight pants, also try to wear Cotton panties and pants.

    If you like Onions and Garlic , eat more of them , so you have some benefits of the antibacterial products helping from the Inside ..

    On a Note .. you can Google , under Images the word Carbuncle, Warning, it's not Pretty,but you do NOT want your Boils to become Carbuncles.

    I hope this helps you ? Best to become a " Clean Body Freak " , not saying that you don't have Good Hygiene now, but maybe step it up a bit , especially in the areas that you get these Boils in frequently .
    Good Luck .

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    Thank you all for your response. I think **Babygirl may be on the money. I will do more research now that I know what to look for. Once again thank you all!

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