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Thread: Breast Growth After Puberty?

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    Default Breast Growth After Puberty?

    I just turned 18 earlier this winter, and since then I have noticed slight changes in my breasts in terms of size and heaviness (nothing drastic so far) as well as they get very sore during menstruation something that never happened before this cycle, to the point were it's very, very uncomfortable. I hit puberty at around 12, finished a year or so later at a D (I was overweight as well) dropped a bunch of weight through exercise and clean eating over the last few years (14 to present, losing about 30lbs), now so more than ever and stand at a C. Most of the women in my family have larger chests on quite small and light frames with the exception if my mum who has always been very thin and flat as a board.
    Is it possible that I've hit a growth spurt (fingers crossed!) in terms of breast size, or am I crazy? Can one grow after the age of 16??

    I'm also not sexually active, on the pill or anything. Just cod liver oil capsules and healthy eating

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    You'll continue to have breast changes for as long as you menstruate, basically. That's why a woman who has trouble breastfeeding a child shouldn't necessarily throw in the towel for all future children - you keep creating more breast tissue. However, these changes won't necessarily allow for a significant cup-size change. It's not impossible though

    If, after this growth spurt (or whatever it is) ends, you're still not quite where you'd like to be, remember that pregnancy is the next best thing to puberty for naturally expanding bust size. The women in your family might have been smaller pre-partum. You might ask them about it?
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    yes you can grow your breasts after puberty, many women's bust grow during pregnancy, maybe this site will help you learn more about breasts. Bust - We Love Bust Just Like You Do

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